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Box 42, Manchester, VT , Ph. Keane , Download American Fly Fisher, vol. Wells , Download American Fly Fisher, vol. Morrell , Download American Fly Fisher, vol. Alexander , Download American Fly Fisher, vol. Upson , Download American Fly Fisher, vol. Orvis , Download American Fly Fisher, vol.

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Sharpe set up his tackle manufacturing business in John Street Aberdeen. The company quickly established a reputation for quality and innovation in the design and manufacture of split cane rods for salmon and trout fishing, with the subsequent development of a comprehensive range of tackle, consumables and accessories. In at the Milan exhibition Sharpe’s were awarded the Diploma and Gold medal for their impregnated split cane rods which had been developed in Aberdeen.

Nov 14,  · The North American Fly Fishing Forum. Welcome to the The North American Fly Fishing Forum.

Ventura, California, Ships to: The pictures didnt turn out so good on this rod and i dont feel like redoing them. I guarantee that the rod looks a little better then the pictures show. This is one of there top of the line rods. Theres only a couple other models higher then this Cascade model. All pieces are of equal length. All original accept two of the wraps on the mid section lower have been redone.

The way it was found. Looks like quality original silk wraps but the green silk with black highlight. Has Impregnated super cane bamboo, High grade cork smooth as silk light 5. All wraps have been recoated one coat is all they needed. The label area has also been coated to protect it, because at the factory they put the labels on last and there on top of any varnish or coating.

Someone varnished the cork years ago maybe when it was new. Cork is like new.

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Saltwater rods are also made specially to handle the damaging effects of salt water on the gear. Here are some great saltwater fishing rods to consider: It has medium power and moderate-fast action. This rod has a cork handle and zirconia inserts. Best Freshwater Fishing Rods Freshwater fishing is a broad term that can include a variety of different environments.

Hardy”The Salmon de Luxe” 9′ 6″ 7 Split Bamboo Fly Rod A 3 section fly rod with spare top section(4″ short) and 9’6″ long for a#7 weight line. Rod number is H and built in Made from Hollokona split bamboo with scarlet tipped black tyings.

Contact Us Fiberglass Rods Rick’s Rods specializes in buying, selling, consigning high quality vintage and collectible fiberglass fly fishing rods. Crafted by The Phillipson Rod Co. This rod appeared in the Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. The rod was described as follows: Lightest equipment of its kind in the world. Made for fresh water fishing, small stream work.

Most compact ever developed. The fiberglass rod weighs a mere one once. This rod is so sensitive, makes a small fish feel like a whopper. This 2 piece banty rod was matched with a Hardy Flyweight reel not included. Includes original green plastic tube and vinyl bag. The ferrules are Featherweight aluminum ferrules with an “O” ring. The tip section is 1 inch short. This rod appeared in the Abercrombie and Fitch in catalog.

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And why should you care? Today, the weight of a fly line is measured in a tiny unit called grains. Rather helpfully, the fly line manufacturers came up with a numbering system that helped how heavy or light a particular fly line is. This numbering system runs from 1 ultralight to 14 and beyond heavy. Actually, it’s important to understand this concept. Remember, in fly fishing, it is the weight of the fly line that casts the fly!

FlyFisher (Japan), The Bamboo Fly Rod, , Tsuribitosha, Japan (Japanese publication featuring numerous classic bamboo fly rods as well as contemporary Japanese and American rodmakers) Fly Fisherman (USA), June , “ Fly Rods “, (Don Zahner).

Sharpe set up his tackle manufacturing business in John Street Aberdeen. The company quickly established a reputation for quality and innovation in the design and manufacture of split cane rods for salmon and trout fishing, with the subsequent development of a comprehensive range of tackle, consumables and accessories. Indeed, the post war period saw Sharpes products being promoted by the British Council of Industrial Design and exhibited round the world.

However the continued success with traditional materials meant that it was slower to adopt the new composite materials which were starting to be utilised in the manufacture of fishing rods. As a consequence, whilst Sharpes was always highly regarded manufacturer for quality of materials and workmanship, it lost its world leading position. This was a bitter blow but it had the effect of galvanising the company into both utilising the new materials like carbon etc and looking for the next significant advance in materials so as to ride the new wave rather than be left behind.

I believe that Sharpes bought the rights to the Scottie logo and set up in business making split cane rods in the early nineties. The company had a professional rod finisher at the time by the name of Phil Hawker and the early rods from that period were of very high quality. The rod is in near mint condition and carries the Scottie logo above the handle. The rod is dated and and the build is of very high quality.

There has been no refurbishment as in ring replacements to the rod but it has been professionally varnish dipped to a smooth glass like finish. Rod is straight and ferrules pop when rod is dismantled. Rod length is 11ft with amberfin type butt and tip ring.

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List of Non-Numbered Paul H. The list is regularly updated. Photos of non-serial numbered rods are frequently added. Most of the following Paul H.

I have a horrocks and ibbotson fly fishing rod from somewhere between and with its original bamboo storage – Answered by a verified Antique Expert. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

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Vintage Rods and Tackle From time to time we will offer vintage and used fly fishing tackle. Please check back often for new additions. We are always interested in purchasing or taking consignments of used cane rods, but visitors please take note: Because the value of any fishing collectible is largely based on condition, and because researching values is so time consuming, we can not offer free, sight-unseen tackle appraisals.

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Fly fishing — Fly fishing is an angling method in which an artificial fly is used to catch fish. The fly is cast using a fly rod, reel, Casting a nearly weightless fly or lure requires casting techniques significantly different from other forms of casting. Fly fishermen use hand tied flies that resemble natural invertebrates, baitfish, other food organisms, Fly fishing can be done in fresh or salt water.

Jul 24,  · The Cross Rod Co. built fly rods, tournament rods and saltwater rods for trolling and surf casting. Most of the larger rods were double-built models for power and strength. The company established a reputation for producing quality rods at reasonable prices.

By Zulkijora We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our site and to read the privacy statements of any other site that collects personally identifiable information. I know for sure he sells them and his waiting list is a little less than a year. It was a celebration of the art and spirit of fishing in prose and verse; six verses were quoted from John Dennys ‘s earlier work.

If you’ve arrived here via a search engine because you’ve found an old piece of tackle and hope to learn its value, we are very sorry but we are unable to help you without seeing the tackle and charging a fee. Granger Denver Special, 8’6″ 3p, 2t for DT line. Cool numbered adjustable disc drag, black and silver anodized aluminum, exposed spool rim for palming, made in USA. Ambered black and white silk thread wraps with gold tipping.

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Finish, ferrules, cork and real seat all in very good condition. Small chip in finish of butt section. Four piece rod including extra tip. This will be a great addition to your outdoor memorabilia! You owe it to yourself to keep watching and add this account to your favorites.

Sharpe made rods for famous fly fishing personalities such as Charles Ritz, Frank Sawyer and Dermot Wilson. Sharpe began impregnating their bamboo rods around They used the Orvis bakelite impregnation process.

BTW there aren’t any markings on the cane or handle. Dad had completely taken the rods apart strip by strip and rebuilt it, not knowing the value of it’s ID. Below are the History’s of the most commonly seen rods on the market today Early on in their careers, F. Hawes’s either leaves or passes away several years later and was replaced by Ed. A year or so later, Fred left the company when it was sold to U.

After a couple years the pair split up again and Fred started the F. Thomas Rod Company in , while Eustis started the E. Fred was eventually joined by his son, Leon, who then took over the company when Fred died in The Thomas Rod Company lasted into the ‘s when the embargo on Chinese cane and the emerging fiberglass technology combined to put an end to bamboo rod production. The history of the Edwards family and their rods is often confusing because it involved some many different aspects at different times.

In Eustis sold his young company to Winchester Repeating Arms, moved his operation to New Haven, Connecticut, and made rods exclusively for that company for five years; some years later he had a similar lease arrangement with Bristol Rod Co. Eustis had two sons, W. After Eustis died in , his sons continued to make rods under the Bristol name.

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