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Neighborhoods like Murad Khani fell into disrepair during the s and 50s as wealthy families moved to newer urban zones and the city rapidly expanded. Layers of garbage piled up and the old buildings decayed or were buried beneath the grime. The group employed hundreds of laborers—mostly from the neighborhood itself—as well as Afghan architects and designers to dig ancient houses and streets out of the dump and rebuild them using traditional Afghan materials and styles. Now we have built wells and a school and a clinic … Building with the traditional materials reminds me of our history. Children of Murad Khani play outside the front door of their home, which has been restored by Turquoise Mountain, along with residents of the neighborhood. Shukrula, 31, is an expert bricklayer who began working on the restoration of Murad Khani in The ornate cedar-wood panel frontage of a restored building in Murad Khani. A decade later, more than buildings have been restored or rebuilt, including parts of a thriving artisan market, a primary school, and small clinic that serves the local population. Turquoise Mountain has expanded its remit to establish artisanal workshops where more than Afghan students train in the heart of the old city learning calligraphy, ceramics, carpentry, mosaic-making, and gemstone-cutting. One of the busiest student workshops at Turquoise Mountain with young people learning traditional carpentry, wood-carving, and furniture design using cedar-wood.

Digging up Kabul’s Historic City

Antique gun store in Afghanistan In the basement of the old Mullah Shams market on Kabul’s famous Chicken Street, lies a tiny store stuffed to the brim with troves of ancient weapons. KABUL, Afghanistan — In the basement of the old Mullah Shams market on Kabul’s famous Chicken Street, below the beggars, the gemstone carvers, street artists and carpet stores, lies a tiny windowless store stuffed to the ceiling with troves of ancient weapons and slices of Afghan history.

Stepping into the store of year-old Tawakal is like entering a time machine. For decades, Tawakal has collected and restored weapons dating back hundreds of years from provinces across the country, estimating that he has almost tucked into his store, known simply as the Tawakal store, and a storage room in the back. Everything is historical,” the barefoot, toothless smiling firearms expert enthused to Fox News.

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The country served as a buffer between the British and Russian Empires until it won independence from notional British control in A brief experiment in democracy ended in a coup and a communist countercoup. The Soviet Union invaded in to support the tottering Afghan communist regime, touching off a long and destructive war. The USSR withdrew in under relentless pressure by internationally supported anti-communist mujahidin rebels.

A series of subsequent civil wars saw Kabul finally fall in to the Taliban, a hardline Pakistani-sponsored movement that emerged in to end the country’s civil war and anarchy. A UN-sponsored Bonn Conference in established a process for political reconstruction that included the adoption of a new constitution, a presidential election in , and National Assembly elections in Throughout the summer of , their campaigns disputed the results and traded accusations of fraud, leading to a US-led diplomatic intervention that included a full vote audit as well as political negotiations between the two camps.

Despite gains toward building a stable central government, the Taliban remains a serious challenge for the Afghan Government in almost every province.

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Archeology The first careful reports on the antiquities of Afghanistan were provided by 19th-century travelers, including the horse dealer W. Already in the Hungarian homeopath and gunpowder-maker in the Sikh service, M. Honigberger, cut into Buddhist stupas in search of treasure thought to be included with the reliquaries.

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The hostile and unpredictable security situation, high and ongoing threat from terrorism and kidnapping of foreigners present a significant risk to New Zealanders in Afghanistan. New Zealanders currently in Afghanistan are advised to depart as soon as it is safe to do so. New Zealanders who decide to travel to Afghanistan against our advice should ensure that appropriate personal security protection measures are in place at all times. We strongly recommend you consult a reputable security company with experience in Afghanistan for advice on security arrangements.

Security arrangements should be reviewed on a regular basis. Such measures may mitigate the risks to your safety but cannot eliminate them entirely. Suicide bomb attacks, roadside bombs, car bombs, rocket attacks and small arms attacks occur frequently. Attacks could occur at anytime, anywhere in Afghanistan. The threat to foreigners is extremely high and there are frequent attacks on foreign or Western interests and organisations.

These attacks commonly target hotels, housing compounds and restaurants that are frequented by foreigners. In January , several attacks took place in Kabul. On 20 January , four gunmen held a 12 hour siege at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, where 18 people died. Insurgents have signalled their intention to continue targeting foreign nationals in Afghanistan. Many attacks target Afghan and international security forces.

Multiple people dead after ISIS child suicide bomber blows himself up near US Embassy in Kabul

Its major export partners are India, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. Export Commodities Its main exports are opium, fruits and nuts, and handwoven carpets. Import Commodities Its major imports include machinery and other capital foods, and food. Climate Arid to semiarid; cold winters and hot summers Terrain Mostly rugged mountains; plains in north and southwest Learn More Afghanistan Where is Afghanistan? Located in southern Asia, north and west of Pakistan and east of Iran , Afghanistan has a 5, Kabul is an old city dating back over 3, years.

Beyond Kabul the security situation is unpredictable and volatile, particularly in the south and east. Many areas of Afghanistan are controlled by warlords and the Taliban and the terrorist organisation al-Qaeda has an active presence in parts of the country.

The tallest Buddha figure in the world, 55m; ft; created in the 3rd century A. The decree was issued as a team of western diplomats is visiting the Afghan capital to check reports that senior Taliban officials destroyed over a dozen pre-Islamic artefacts in the national museum. Media reports have said zealous officials among the ruling Islamic militia recently destroyed several ancient relics in Kabul Museum, including an exquisite and priceless Buddha statue dating back some 2, years.

Taliban officials have categorically denied the reports but have refused journalists’ requests to visit the museum. The team includes the ambassadors to neighbouring Pakistan from Greece and Italy, the French charge d’affaires for Afghanistan, plus members of the Islamabad-based Society for the Preservation of Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage.

But the source said the envoys were denied immediate access to the museum. He called these reports baseless propaganda and said he would ask the higher authorities for permission to visit the museum ,” the team member said. Taliban supreme leader Mulla Mohammad Omar has issued several decrees to protect non-Islamic artefacts, which have in the past been targeted by the militia’s zealous commanders.

However there is concern that some hardline officials still see the relics as idols which are forbidden under Islamic law. Kabul museum has been closed to the public since after most of its unique collection was looted during factional fighting between Afghan warlords. The Taliban, or movement of religious students, seized Kabul in and have imposed a very strict version of Sharia law. Afghan militia leader AFP, Feb. My job is the implementation of Islamic order,” he said from the fundamentalist militia’s stronghold in southern Kandahar.

Islamic law is the only law acceptable to me.

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Email Embraced by the magnificent Hindu Kush mountain range, blessed by a river and gurgling streams, the capital of Afghanistan has been known to turn conquerors into poets and beasts — and shades in between. Administering his vast kingdom from the hot, dusty plains of what is now India, the founder of the Mughal dynasty, Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur, wrote songs of praise to Kabul, even as ambition drove him further south.

Brave British soldiers met their gruesome ends on the ramparts of the Bala Hissar fortress in northern Kabul and corpses of communist apparatchiks have hung from public posts in grisly warnings of what the city has in store for traitors. With a glorious, ancient legacy that lives to this day, it’s little wonder that Kabul, for most Afghans and for the rest of the world, is the heart of Afghanistan and taking Kabul is symbolically, if not geo-politically, tantamount to taking Afghanistan.

Melting Pot of Afghanistan Dating back to approximately B.

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Riding Highway One 08 Sep The arrangements were made by an Afghan government minister keen for reporters to see how locals in the area had turned against the Taliban. Photographer Jason Howe and I were escorted by heavily-armed Afghan special forces commandos as we prepared to travel through insurgent country in a large white 4×4 that obviously belonged to the disliked Kabul government. As our convoy formed up on the south western outskirts of Kabul, it was clear that I was not the only one feeling apprehensive.

Idris, a curly-haired man in his thirties, said he had personally been attacked five times on the road, including one incident where a guard in his car had been shot dead. It was not the kind of reassurance I had hoped for. As we waited for our convoy to assemble, he adjusted a pistol in his shoulder holster and cocked the AK rifle nestling by his right knee in the foot well. Once complete, our convoy consisted of two Land Cruisers and six pick-up trucks full of commandoes, armed with an assortment of machine guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

With drivers scanning the roadsides and commandos watching the hills, we set off. The road snaking through Wardak, Ghazni and Zabul provinces is a critical artery binding the capital to the south of the country. Linking the seat of government with Kandahar – a city long regarded as the spiritual birthplace of the Taliban movement – it passes through villages, mountains and plains where President Hamid Karzai’s administration struggles to exert influence.

It is also the route taken by vast caravans of Afghan civilian supply lorries ferrying food, fuel and equipment to Nato and Afghan military bases across the south. The road’s importance has not been lost on the Taliban, and it has been under relentless attack for at least five years.

1960’s Afghanistan Was Very Different Before The Taliban

Location map Afghanistan Afghanistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a mountainous, landlocked country in South-Central Asia at an important geopolitical location, it connects the Middle East with Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. It is bordered by Iran , Pakistan , Tajikistan , Turkmenistan , and Uzbekistan , it has a short border in the Wakhan Corridor panhandle with Xinjiang, an autonomous region of China.

Afghanistan has a population of

May 15,  · KABUL, Afghanistan — Taliban insurgents have cut the main highway that links the capital with northern Afghanistan and neighboring countries .

They were demanding the government improves security following another bombing that killed more than 90 people and injured more in the Afghan capital. Police used water cannons, tear gas and opened fire at protesters who attempted to move closer to the presidential palace. Video shows destruction wreaked by bomb in Kabul Demonstrations were continuing for a second day on Saturday, despite calls from officials to disperse, when the new explosions rang out across Kabul.

All roads toward the palace and nearby diplomatic areas have been blocked by police and there was limited movement of vehicles and people. Hundreds of demonstrators demanded better security in the Afghan capital in the wake of a powerful truck bomb attack that killed scores of people. At least 90 people were killed and more than wounded in a suicide bomb attack near the foreign embassies in Kabul on 31 May. Some people are demonstrating in Kabul for better security in the Afghan capital in the wake of a powerful truck bomb attack that killed 90 people.

AP There has been no claim of responsibility for the atrocity. The Taliban denied involvement and said it did not carry out the funeral bombings. Isis has been attempting to expand its presence in Afghanistan, claiming a separate bombing on Wednesday in Jalalabad that killed a Taliban member, and has called for increased global terror attacks during Ramadan.

The Taliban has been intensifying its insurgency since the partial withdrawal of international troops in , gaining ground to contest or hold around 40 per cent of Afghanistan.

Fake US Soldiers Robbing Women Online

WW2 rarity — special passport for Afghanistan. We are all familiar with the various official passports and travel documents that were issued to be used in Europe during the war and more when it comes to German or Allied issued samples. These are the ones that need more coverage and we, as fellow historians and collectors, need to shed more light to the rarer collectibles, when found. The sample in this article falls under the category of an exotic location issued passport and should admit it is the first time for me to locate a war-time piece with such visas or stamps.

The bearers wife and small daughter where included as well.

In , Kabul University launched the first master’s degree course in gender and women’s studies in Afghanistan. Moving Ahead Investing in girls’ education is critical to addressing girls’ needs and concerns as well as human rights.

Throughout history Afghanistan has seen numerous military campaigns most notably by the Mongols, Muslim Arabs, British and the Soviet Union due to its key location on the Silk Road, connecting it to the Middle East and other parts of Asia. Afghanistan is divided by the Hindu Kush Mountains running across the country making up the central highlands; these mountains also form part of the Himalayas. The country has a largely arid climate with hot, dry summers and cold winters with high levels of snowfall particularly in the central highlands.

Some Areas in the East of the country bordering Pakistan are affected by the Indian monsoon which brings moist, maritime, tropical air in the summer. The current population of Afghanistan is estimated at approximately 32 million people, with many who had fled the troubles now starting to return. At one point the Afghan refugee population in Pakistan alone reached 3. The capital city Kabul is the largest in Afghanistan with a population of over three and a half million people.

Situated 5, feet above sea level on a barren plateau surrounded by rugged, treeless mountains, Kabul guards the entrance to the Khyber Pass, the traditional route between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The city lies in the eastern part of the country, miles from the Pakistan border. Located in the city are multiple five star hotels which include the Marriot and the Serena Hotel. Kabul also has shopping centres such as the Roshan Shopping Center, Park Mall and Majeed Mall as well as numerous museums, a golf club and the zoo that once housed the famous lion Marjan.

A new international terminal, built by the government of Japan, opened in Other major airports in Afghanistan can be found in Kandahar and Mazar-i-sharif. Languages There are two main languages spoken in Afghanistan, Dari and Pashtu.

Tourism in Afghanistan

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Suicide bombing kills at least five in blast near US embassy in Afghanistan’s capital Nine wounded in attack on bank branch ahead of Eid weekend Tuesday 29 August According to Basir Mujahid, spokesman for the Kabul police chief, the explosion likely targeted a branch of the privately owned Kabul Bank. At the site of the blast, debris and twisted metal lay scattered on the pavement. The front side of the Kabul Bank was completely shattered and there was much damage to the fronts of several adjacent businesses.

A charred motorcycle with its parts mangled lay on the street. Isis claims responsibility for Kabul mosque attack that killed 30 Along with the five killed, the attack also wounded nine, said Mohammad Salim Rasouli, chief of Kabul hospitals at the Health Ministry. He warned that those were only initial reports and that the casualty toll could rise further. No one immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing, but the Taliban often target banks, especially at the end of the month when civil servants and military personnel line up to receive their salaries, or ahead of major Muslim holidays.