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Description of state of companies affair Please Refer Disclosure in board of directors report explanatory Text Block Disclosures relating to dividends For the financial year —13, your Directors recommend dividend as follows: This amounts to Rs. Equity Shares Dividend of Rs. The dividend, if approved by the shareholders, will result in an outgo of Rs. Details regarding energy conservation a Energy conservation measure taken: During the year under review the wind mills installed by the Company at Jaisalmer, Satara and Supa generated 8, , units of electricity including 5, , units of captive consumption.

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Abstract Objective This study discusses an appropriate framework to measure system performance for the task of neonatal seizure detection using EEG. The framework is used to present an extended overview of a multi-channel patient-independent neonatal seizure detection system based on the Support Vector Machine SVM classifier. Methods The appropriate framework for performance assessment of neonatal seizure detectors is discussed in terms of metrics, experimental setups, and testing protocols.

The neonatal seizure detection system is evaluated in this framework. Several epoch-based and event-based metrics are calculated and curves of performance are reported. A new metric to measure the average duration of a false detection is proposed to accompany the event-based metrics.

Architecture of the braking dynamometer with inertia simulation Architecture of the braking dynamometer with inertia simulation Following is a brief description of an inertia dynamometer.

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In the real world it is very difficult for test drivers to hit the brakes at a set speed within 0. The Corrected trigger distance calculation compensates for the over, or under speed application and normalises the result to a set start speed value maintaining the original initial braking reaction time, as if the brakes had been applied at that exact set speed. This deceleration figure is used to show the maximum deceleration figure a vehicle can achieve.

Stunning and pristine, newly renovated 2 bedroom, bath townhouse condo with attached garage and in a convenient location, offers a touch of luxury and high end finishes throughout.

Drof Hey Mister J21 said: Will the turians even bother to dig in? In canon and I imagine in this scenario, they’ll think that Harvest will be humanity’s home-world and that they’ve discovered a barely space-faring race that they will then proceed to acquire as a ‘client-race’. Don’t know how effective those millions of hostages will be since while Turians do practice total war, something that tends to cause your enemy to fight more fiercely since they know you aren’t going to bother taking prisoners, I am not sure they will have enough of their execution squads to hold off the pissed off masses.

This is a recording of a captured Alliance marine being interrogated by Turian soldiers, with one Turian acknowledging the existence of Earth. With this in mind, we can assume that the Turians would be willing to capture humans and be able to conclude that an agricultural world can’t possibly have the kind of infrastructure needed to construct muilti-kilometre long starships and that beyond Harvest there are more human worlds including their home world.

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It is highly likely that they fire in higher velocity, as we do have one exempt of velocty being in fractional of light speed in Evolutions books, unfortunately, it is un-quantifiable due to no hard figure data, making velocity calcs or firepower calcs to be completely mess, so only option is to cross our fingers to see if they will release deeper information about ships in upcoming Halo ships manual book in Now back to topic, OP, your thread is stupid and you should feel stupid for this, want to know why?

Its main guns will oneshot every ship in the range ICS does note that its range is 10 light minutes which to my knowledge, it outranges UNSC ships and ODPS massively , meaning that Acclamator-class assault ship doesn’t need to get close, it can simply hang in 10 light minutes away and snipe them to death.

A Conservative MP has written to the Government’s equalities watchdog saying that he has never understood why it is considered offensive to “black up”. The comment by Philip Davies, the MP.

For vehicle categories, definitions and meanings used in this standard, refer to: Definitions in Appendix A of this standard or the alternative standards at clause 7; and where there is no conflict 4. Vehicles subject to the requirements of this standard must comply with the requirements of Appendix A, except as varied by Section 6 Exemptions and Alternative Procedures; where, 5. For LC category vehicles having engine capacity above cubic centimetres or equivalent , ABS must be fitted to modulate any wheel lock; and 5.

For the purposes of clauses 5. For LC category vehicles designed for use on loose or unsealed surfaces or unformed roads and that are fitted with tyres appropriate for use on those surfaces, a means to temporarily disable ABS for the purpose of use on those surfaces is permitted where that means conforms to the requirements of Appendix A, paragraph 5. Category LC vehicles designed for use on loose or unsealed surfaces or unformed roads and that are fitted with tyres appropriate for use on those surfaces are exempt from clauses 5.

For the purposes of clause 6. Compliance with the following parts, sections and annexes of Appendix A is not required for the purposes of this standard:

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The neonatal seizure detection system is evaluated in this framework. Several epoch-based and event-based metrics are calculated and curves of performance are reported. A new metric to measure the average duration of a false detection is proposed to accompany the event-based metrics.

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Baker grandfather, Elton C. Baker always talked about but never mentioned how he missed being a part of the Sand Creek massacre. The enlistment of other boys on the News force making it necessary that someone be left in charge Baker was promoted to be business manager. His nearest approach to being an army officer was as company clerk when the soldiers were encamped where Riverside Cemetery now is. This was shortly after the time of the campaign against the Texans, who were seeking to occupy this northwestern county.

VBOX Test Suite Test 15 – R78 Motorcycle Brake Force

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Sample SM3, SM5, SM6 and SM8, though, shows higher values of MFDD during recovery tests than the cold effectiveness tests, which is allowed by this regulation which states that the MFDD can go up to % of the figure recorded in cold effective test.

It lets your unit inspection team compile unit inspection criteria for appliances, windows, flooring, etc. They can even take photos and videos of the unit and all data is compiled in real time for immediate reporting after each inspection segment. MultifamilyDueDiligence keeps track of what has been completed, what information is missing, and it allows inspectors to communicate status in real time.

The software is ideal for pre-purchase evaluation and analysis, construction finalization and approval, HUD, bond or tax credit regulation compliance inspection, insurance risk assessment, budgeting, renovation projection and progress, exterior repairs and substantiating financial condition. Save on insurance premiums by conducting safety inspections.

Customized category topics are unlimited whether the property is high rise, mid-rise, or garden style; it includes sections for interior or common area inspections and inventory. The program can easily adapt to hotel condition inspections or other commercial property inspections.

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Covenant ground forces, including Sangheili Ultras and Unggoy, can be seen assaulting human troops. The view cuts to show Jorge , supporting regular human infantry with his heavy machine gun and faces forward where you can see Emile-A waving Kat through to the left. The camera briefly cuts to show a wider view of the battle, revealing a Covenant CCS-class Battlecruiser hovering above the city, while two UH Falcons fly past the camera, their turrets firing at targets on the ground.

A five-minute countdown appears on her Heads Up Display. She keeps running through the battlefield, and in the background, Carter-A can be seen assassinating an Elite.

The chosen method of calculating the mfdd is based on the work done in lSO/TC 22/SC 2 Working Groups 6 and For this reason, it is useful to summarize the background information on this subject in this IS0 Technical Report, by describing the physical fundamentals and the connection between stopping.

The 03 series of amendments for vehicles without a coupling system for charging the Rechargeable Electric Energy Storage System traction batteries ; The 04 series of amendments for vehicles with a coupling system for charging the Rechargeable Electric Energy Storage System traction batteries. When a vehicle is equipped with the means to indicate emergency braking, activation and de-activation of the emergency braking signal shall only be generated by the application of the service braking system when the following conditions are fulfilled: The signal shall be de-activated at the latest when the deceleration has fallen below 2.

The following conditions may also be used: The deceleration may be generated from the prediction described in Point a. The signal shall be deactivated when the antilock system is no longer fully cycling. Wear of the brakes shall be compensated for by means of a system of automatic or manual adjustment. The friction material thickness shall either be visible without disassembly, or where the friction material is not visible, wear shall be assessed by means of a device designed for that purpose.

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You should be confident of this product because we have chosen products from stores, quality and reliability. If you thinking of buying this products you should first check the price and the product specifications before buying.. Do you know what the main difference is between a pouf as well as an ottoman or the benefits of a highlight chair versus a aspect seat?

The results shows that, MFDD index can avoid the effect of driver’s operation or braking system reaction time on braking performance, so this evaluation method is more objective. However, braking distance index reflects the comprehensive effecting of human-vehicle system and .

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In order to facilitate the transposition process it may be recommended to apply a stepwise approach and for the first stage to select just those provisions and test methods of the GTR, which mostly suit the regulatory needs of a Contracting Party, and to consider, when introducing new performance requirements, the possible trade-offs with the other performances. For example, when adopting rolling resistance provisions together with wet grip provisions attention to be put to make sure that one performance is not optimized at the expense of the other.

In the case of required markings, it was possible to eliminate some that had become unnecessary over the years, such as the words Radial and Tubeless. In addition, a change was made in the way the Tyre Identification Number TIN will be used in combination with other markings.

MFDD is calculated on average deceleration between 80% and 10% of the prescribed test speed, this results in the longest distance of the stop being omitted from the calculation (see below). Stopping distance is a measured parameter from the initial brake application until vehicle comes to rest (ie % – .

So, you can switch to this contemporary data system right away. Tresoor is no-maintenance business software and it can be configured very easily without help from consultants. It is especially important for enterprises engaged in a merger, budgetary agencies and young companies, where the models of accounting can change often and to a great extent. This is very cost-efficient and new accounting principles can be adopted quickly. Enterprises belonging to a consolidation group can use Tresoor simultaneously in a shared database, which means that reports for either the whole group or single enterprises are accessible at any time.

Tresoor enables the full calculation of value added tax, income tax and social tax, unemployment insurance premium and pension insurance, automated payments, declarations and submissions of data to the Tax Board. If necessary, data entered into Tresoor can be edited. This does not require making forced or new entries, but simply finding the incorrect entry and making the changes — if one is authorized to do it.

In the logbook, salary calculation and stock records periods can be closed with the date of your choice, thereby finalizing the transactions.

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