When you need to get a magnified view of a chart, diagram, or picture, just click it a couple times. Sizing Forms Use these pump sizing forms and pump sizing charts to make proper pump selection Wire Sizing choosing correct submersible pump cable is very important. Taking into consideration horsepower, voltage, phase, and distance this chart will point you to the right pump wire for your job Tank Sizing Use this tank sizing chart to determine the correct tank for your pump. This diagram will illustrate the above ground equipment found in a typical installation with piping and control devices surrounding the wellhead. This diagram will illustrate the downhole equipment typically found in a submersible pump installation. Notice the use of torque arrestors to keep the pipe centered in the well casing thus preventing nicked pump wiring.

Wood Group nets Culzean field hook-up work. Creates 200 jobs

Share this article Share It is also being reported the team of Texan ‘Hellfighters’ who battled the Deepwater Horizon disaster in April , which killed 11 and injured 16, is being brought to Scotland by Total to prevent or tackle a blast. Fears have risen because the Total rig is now surrounded by a giant gas cloud, with a sheen of liquid gas on the water – a tell-tale sign there is a large leak.

Total’s shares dived about five percent today as it scrambled to present a strategy to deal with the leak. David Hainsworth, health, safety and environment manager for the company, told the Good Morning Scotland programme that there are risks around the situation. But it poses a risk to anyone close to the source, making capping the well complex. Poison in the gas could also threaten fish and other marine life nearby, although the rate at which it dissipates in air and water meant it was not a significant threat to people on land.

Types of Installations. The two basic types of installations are the “fixed”-pump and the “free”-pump design. In the fixed installation, the downhole pump is attached to the end of .

This is to provide a controllable interface between the well and the production facilities. It has valves that are used for testing, servicing, regulating, as well as choking the stream of oil, gas and other liquids going up from the well. There are different types of Christmas trees that are used for production or maybe water or gas injection. The configurations will be different basin on the projects or field developments.

Let us look at the basic information and the differentiation of the horizontal and the vertical X-Mas tree. Important Functions of Subsea Xmas Tree The subsea Xmas tree enables the flow of the fluid from the well and also the injection of water or gas from the surface to the injection tree. This normally includes the protection fluids like inhibitors for corrosion or hydrate prevention.

The Xmas tree will also stop the flow of the fluid that is produced or injected using the valves. This will also control the flow of the fluid through a choke if needed. And of course, the Xmas will monitor the surrounding levels of the tree like the pressure, annulus pressure, temperature, sand direction, and so on. On this tree, the master valves will be located above the tubing hanger. The swab valves, as well as the master valves, will be stacked together vertically.

Offshore and subsea facilities

Jump to navigation Jump to search For water well wellheads, see Puteal. A wellhead is the component at the surface of an oil or gas well that provides the structural and pressure-containing interface for the drilling and production equipment. Wellhead gas storage, Etzel Germany Oil well Christmas tree The primary purpose of a wellhead is to provide the suspension point and pressure seals for the casing strings that run from the bottom of the hole sections to the surface pressure control equipment.

If the pressure is not contained during drilling operations by the column of drilling fluid , casings, wellhead, and BOP, a well blowout could occur. When the well has been drilled, it is completed to provide an interface with the reservoir rock and a tubular conduit for the well fluids. The surface pressure control is provided by a Christmas tree , which is installed on top of the wellhead, with isolation valves and choke equipment to control the flow of well fluids during production.

Apr 05,  · Where trust is earned. CIRCOR flow and motion control solutions represent the gold standard in mission-critical components for a wide spectrum of d Location: Burlington, MA.

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Has there been too much?

Christmas Tree: Horizontal vs Vertical

If a permanent meter tube is not installed in the injection-gas line to the well, provisions should be made for the installation of a portable meter tube before unloading and adjustment of the injection-gas rate to the well. A two-pen pressure recorder should be installed before unloading all gas lift installations. The ranges of the pressure elements in the recorder should be checked before hookup.

A typical recorder will have a 0- to or 0- to 1, psig range element for the flowing wellhead production pressure and a 0- to 1, or 0- to 2, psig range element for the injection-gas pressure, depending on the kick-off and available operating injection-gas pressure at the wellsite. These pressure elements should be calibrated periodically with a dead eight tester to ensure accurate recordings.

What is Sandblasting?. A relatively new method of cleaning newly built masonry is dry sandblast cleaning and one really needs to learn how to sandblast in order to learn all its intricacies and uses.

Leo Tolstoy December 15, Business No Comments In the industry of drawing oil and gas from inner cores of the earth, people are usually confused about the terms Well head Christmas tree. Are these two the same? There are times that Wellhead and Christmas Tree are two interchangeable words. But the truth is, these are different and separate pieces of the equipment. In other words, you need a wellhead to use the Christmas Tree. But you can use it without the Christmas Tree when drilling.

This is also similar when making surface wells which will usually require a pump. This will not be using a tree as well. A Christmas tree is a combination of valves, spools, and fittings which are used for an oil well, gas well, and also water well injection.

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Single Zone Completions Design Retrievable Packer System Normally, single zone completions of oil and gas wells allow relative simplicity in the completion design. In the most basic of these completions, absent of significant bottom hole pressure and temperatures, the completion might include only a tubing anchoring device or basic packer to accommodate casing protection or artificial lift equipment. Properly designed, the completion can be installed as designed, and not require removal or redesign for planned treatment of the zone.

For this reason, a broad range of tool designs exist to provide the options necessary, both for the wellbore conditions and the economic considerations of the well. Completions, which may require installation removal for either maintenance or changing well conditions, typically employ retrievable packers. Permanent packers are usually selected for more extreme conditions and where well conditions may remain stable for longer periods.

Well control equipment MatanovićDavorin, professor. Blowout Preventers Blowout preventers (BOPs), in conjunction provide an anchor for the wellhead equipment, there must be provision for equipment to pressure item in the hookup; whether it is casing, casing head, preventers, or .

Downhole Pumps Types of Installations The two basic types of installations are the “fixed”-pump and the “free”-pump design. In the fixed installation, the downhole pump is attached to the end of a tubing string and run into the well. Free-pump installations are designed to allow the downhole pump to be circulated into and out of the well inside the power-fluid string, or it can also be installed and retrieved by wireline operations.

Fixed-Pump Installations In the fixed-insert or tubing-conveyed design, the pump typically lands on a seating-shoe in the larger tubing. Power fluid is normally directed down the inner tubing string, and the produced fluids and return power fluid flow to the surface inside the annulus between the two tubing strings, as shown in Part A of Fig.

These systems provide a passage for free gas in the annular space between the outer tubing string and the inside of the well casing, but to take full advantage of this gas-venting passage, the pump should be set below the perforations.

Toxic water drives health, property value worries in Grayling

Share Saudi Aramco Project Management is responsible for delivering Saudi Aramco’s capital projects safely, on schedule, within budget, and to the highest standards of integrity. To be considered for the opportunities listed below, contractors must have qualified key project management personnel, engineering personnel, construction manpower, quality and safety personnel, and cost and scheduling personnel to successfully execute the projects in the Kingdom. For these opportunities, contractors are required to furnish all labor, equipment, and material required to perform the work, and have policies, systems, and procedures in place for safety and quality assurance and quality control.

Scroll down the list to read more about the many opportunities for contractors to support the Project Management Department. To learn more about prequalification for these opportunities, click here.

Water Injection On Wellhead Hook-Up While primary oil production refers to oil that is recovered naturally from a producing well, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) improves the amount of oil recovered from a well by using some form of additional engineering technique.

The couple moved from Wayne County into a Grayling Township home near the Au Sable River a week before it was announced in May that their new neighborhood would undergo well testing for perfluoroalkyl substances in the groundwater. Up north, “we assumed everything would be cleaner and nicer,” said Colby Chilcote, a mother of two young children. Now, they are among a community of homeowners near the Grayling Army Airfield worried about the health effects associated with drinking perfluoroalkyl substances PFASs , also called perfluorinated chemicals PFCs , which are moving in largely unknown ways through the soil and groundwater south and southwest of the base.

It’s not entirely clear how well that message resonated. The turnout was much larger than the first meeting about the problem in late May. Many in the room were holding envelopes of well test results delivered this week, which, according to the panel of state officials, held better news than they might seem. Of the well samples collected so far, about half the amount of well samples being sought , only 23 had detectable levels of perfluorooctanoic acid PFOA and perfluorooctyl sulfonate PFOS , two PFCs which are tied to thyroid, kidney, liver, reproductive and other health problems.

Defense bill would require national PFC health study Of those positive samples, only three were above the 70 parts-per-trillion health advisory level established last year by the Environmental Protection Agency, which has only set unenforceable exposure guidelines for PFOS and PFOA, two unregulated contaminants generating escalating concern nationwide as more water supplies discover their systems are polluted by PFCs coming, in many cases, from mystery sources or military bases.

The city of Grayling is now among that group. As the meeting ended, department of public works superintendent Kyle Bond disclosed that perfluorohexane sulfonic acid PFHxS , which is closely related to PFOA and PFOS, had been discovered in very low concentrations in both city municipal supply wells.

PEH:Hydraulic Pumping in Oil Wells

For large machining centers, balancing the weight of spindle heads and work piece tables pays off. HAWE Hydraulics develops unique solutions that are both energy efficient and durable. These solutions reduce energy consumption while lowering the total costs of ownership for these types of machines. Hydraulic weight balancing is an automatic process. Once the system is pressurized it no longer requires additional energy input. The pressure is set so the cylinder balances the weight and only the friction force and inertia mass must be overcome to move the spindle head along its axis.

Wellhead products for high-performance drilling and production. Our experience, technical expertise and materials knowledge means you can depend on Keyser to .

Edwin Drake drilled and completed the first known oil well near a small town in Pennsylvania, U. This well, which was drilled with cable tools, started the modern petroleum industry. In , near Summerland, California, U. Williams extended an offshore oil field into the Santa Barbara Channel by drilling a submarine well from a pier. This first offshore well was drilled just 38 years after Col.

Five years later, more than offshore wells were producing oil. Production from the California piers continues today. In , a small company called Indian Petroleum Corp.

Gas lift operations

Other documents used in the development of the CSS configuration are as follows: The usual appearance of them is to have the cause on the left hand side with the effect at the top with a ‘X’ matrix. Sometimes logic symbols are included which make the operator’s engineering design requirements unambiguous.

The Wellhead is the part of the machine that is at the surface of a well which provides the structural as well as the pressure-containing interface that is used for drilling and production. These two parts are working together to bring oil and gas to the surface.

A utility facility necessary for public service may be established as provided in: B If the utility facility is an associated transmission line, as defined in ORS For a primary dwelling, the dwelling must be on a lot or parcel that is managed as part of a farm operation and is not smaller than the minimum lot size in a farm zone with a minimum lot size acknowledged under ORS Any activities or construction relating to such operations shall not be a basis for an exception under ORS Within three months of the end of the hardship, the manufactured dwelling or recreational vehicle shall be removed or demolished or, in the case of an existing building, the building shall be removed, demolished or returned to an allowed nonresidential use.

The governing body or its designee shall provide for periodic review of the hardship claimed under this paragraph. A temporary residence approved under this paragraph is not eligible for replacement under paragraph q of this subsection. L Temporary public road and highway detours that will be abandoned and restored to original condition or use at such time as no longer needed. Buildings or facilities shall not be more than square feet in floor area or placed on a permanent foundation unless the building or facility preexisted the use approved under this paragraph.

The site shall not include an aggregate surface or hard surface area unless the surface preexisted the use approved under this paragraph. An owner of property used for the purpose authorized in this paragraph may charge a person operating the use on the property rent for the property. If a building is established or used for the processing facility or establishment, the farm operator may not devote more than 10, square feet of floor area to the processing facility or establishment, exclusive of the floor area designated for preparation, storage or other farm use.

A processing facility or establishment must comply with all applicable siting standards but the standards may not be applied in a manner that prohibits the siting of the processing facility or establishment.

Weir Wellhead Pollution Controlled Double Packing Stuffing Box

It is the district’s responsibility to verify that the project conforms to applicable cost-effective limits, all other applicable guidelines and statutes, and is surplus to existing emission control regulations. Please include this case-by-case reference number in the comment field for this project in the CARL database. March 20, Contact:

M & M Equipment is a manufacturer’s representative / master distributor and redistribution warehouse in the oil and gas pipeline industry serving Kansas, the Texas-Oklahoma Panhandles and .

You may have 40lbs some of the time, but not necessarily all of the time. Post some pictures and more details on the regulator and just what is popping. From what I have learned it typically gets reduced to ounces once it passes thru the pancake as that is what the furnace and various appliances require. The plunger that keeps popping, from what I have learned, does so when the gas supply drops.

This is a safety feature to prevent gas from free flowing into the house to any appliances that have a pilot, so that when the gas comes back on, it can not just fill the house with gas. The other possibility is that the regulator has moisture in it and is freezing with the temp fluctuations we have been having, so I will likely try to take it off this weekend and pour alcohol into it to at least eliminate that variable.

In addition, I think I will pickup a pressure gauge and put it inline at the house before the line enters the pancake to see what my decrease is over the ‘ run. It may not be a bad idea to add yet another gauge after the pancake to see what I have just before it enters the house. The end solution to this may likely be to connect to the local gas supplier as a backup source and install a valve that allows the backup supply to flow when the well gas shuts off.

The problem I see with this is that I will not know when this takes place so I could end up running on the backup source far more than I need to.

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