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Alternatively, you can use the official Indonesian Railways site www. If you click Reservasi you’ll get onto their sales site tiket. Google’s Chrome browser will translate anything you don’t understand.

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And maybe less than 1 percent is looking for a one night stand not the hottest girls usually. The fact that they are looking for a stable relationship does not mean they want to get married straight away. It means they want to feel a long-term relationship is possible. For this reason, it may be more difficult for you to find a date if you are not staying in Indonesia and if you do not speak Indonesian.

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Closed off to the public for more than years, the tiny, eerie island – once home to a hospital for the insane – is set to be transformed.

Ludruk is one of the East Javanese art is quite well known, namely the art of the stage that generally all the players are male. Unlike the Ketoprak which tells the life of the palace, ludruk tells the daily life of ordinary people, often spiced with humor and social criticism, and generally opened with Dance Remo, and parikan. Currently traditional ludruk groups can be found in the area of Surabaya, Mojokerto and Jombang; although its presence increasingly defeated by modernization.

Reog from Ponorogo is a typical art that has been patented since , and has now also become the icon of East Javanese art. Staging reog accompanied by horse braid kuda lumping are accompanied by elements of the occult. In the area Mataraman Middle Javanese arts such as Ketoprak, and shadow puppets are quite popular. Classical dances include gandrung , gambyong dance, dance srimpi , dance bondan, and wanderer.

There is also a sort of lion dance culture in East Java. Art exists in two districts namely, Bondowoso, and Jember. Singo Wulung is a distinctive culture Bondowoso. While Jember have the tiger kadhuk. Both are art that is rarely encountered. Islamic Santri students celebrate Santri day in Southern Malang Culture and customs of Javanese in the western part of East Java received a lot of influence from the Middle Javanese, so this area is known as Mataraman, indicating that the area was once the territory of the Sultanate of Mataram.

As is the case in Central Java, wayang kulit, and Ketoprak quite popular in this region.


I starting stamps collection during very young boy. Look at in memoriam Frater Servaas with my teacher at Frater middle school in memrian Frater Eric at my House during my Sister Erlita 17th years birthday in Between many interesting history which related with the stamp and postal history and also with my life: In join the medical officer of Indonesia National Police 4. Albert at Solok city west Sumatra b.

Jakarta (/ dʒ ə ˈ k ɑːr t ə /; Indonesian pronunciation: [dʒaˈkarta]), officially the Special Capital Region of Jakarta (Indonesian: Daerah Khusus Ibu Kota Jakarta), is the capital and largest city of Indonesia.. It is located on the northwest coast of the world’s most populous island, Java. it is the centre of economics, culture and politics of Indonesia.

Alternatively, you can use the official Indonesian Railways site www. If you click Reservasi you’ll get onto their sales site tiket. Google’s Chrome browser will translate anything you don’t understand. The website for Jakarta commuter trains is www. The website for Yogyakarta-Solo Prameks local trains is www. How to buy tickets Option 1, buy tickets online at tiket. However, it’s only available in Indonesian, and it only accepts Indonesian credit cards, so is of little use to overseas travellers.

I recommend overseas travellers use www.

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History[ edit ] Mount Sumbing surrounded by rice fields. Java’s volcanic topography and rich agricultural lands are the fundamental factors in its history. Fossilised remains of Homo erectus , popularly known as the ” Java Man “, dating back 1. Out of these village alliances, small kingdoms developed. The chain of volcanic mountains and associated highlands running the length of Java kept its interior regions and peoples separate and relatively isolated.

Comparison of Southeast Asian Girls Between Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam (This guest post about Southeast Asian Girls comes to you courtesy of Bill from Masculine Expat.). Southeast Asian girls are much sweeter, more feminine and eager to please a man than Western girls.

Highlights of Indonesia I visited Bali in the early s, spending almost all of my time in the southern tourist trap of Kuta, surrounded by drunken Australians. I enjoy the sophisticated delights of Australian culture as much as anyone, but when I went to Bali again in , I was determined to stay as far from Kuta as possible, so I spent my first night in the cultural center of Ubud. There are plenty of sites to see around Ubud, such as the Monkey Forest, one of several small sacred monkey forests in Bali, all of which have Hindu temples within them.

The first time I was here I didn’t even own a camera, so I revisited all of the places I’d been before and made up for this deficiency. That included an hour or so at Goa Gajah, the Elephant Cave, one of the oldest Hindu temples on the island, dating back to about the 11th century AD. Long obscured by jungle, the cave wasn’t rediscovered until and the nearby fountains and pool weren’t dug up until After visiting other sites like Yeh Pulu and Gunung Kawi near Ubud, I headed to the north coast, and over the next few days I visited some of the temples up there.

If you’re expecting antiquities everywhere then you’ll be disappointed, because these are active temples rather than just tourist attractions, and most of the famous sites are only or years old. This one is called Maduwe Karang, and it’s chock full of marvellous carvings. The relative newness of the temple and its carvings is made very clear by this piece, a famous and rather psychedelic image of what looks like a native Balinese worker in the colonial government, riding on a bicycle with a flower for its rear wheel.

As you’ve already seen, the temples are extraordinarily ornamented, perhaps none more than the pura dalem at the town of Sangsit. I particularly like the being with the large outstretched hands above the gate, a motif that appears in a number of temples around the island. The temple at Jagaraga also has modern scenes carved on the walls, including a panel which shows Dutch aircraft attacking inhabitants of the village who were rebelling against colonial rule.

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It is famous for its sand which looks like pepper. Arrange with a guide preferably someone recommend from the hotel or a travel agency to take you to the 3 famous waterfalls located close to Lombok. The first one is on the slopes of Mount Rinjani, the second one is a further 1 hours walk and the 3rd one is the hardest to get to and requires some climbing experience. Spend the evening relaxing at the hotel.

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Djakarta — , Jakarta —present. Its current name “Jakarta” derives from the word Jayakarta Devanagari: It was named after troops of Fatahillah successfully defeated and drove away Portuguese invaders from the city in In the colonial era, the city was also known as Koningin van het Oosten Queen of the Orient , initially in the 17th century for the urban beauty of downtown Batavia’s canals , mansions and ordered city layout.

Menteng and the area around Merdeka Square , with their wide lanes, green spaces and villas. The Tugu inscription probably written around AD discovered in Batutumbuh hamlet, Tugu village, Koja , North Jakarta , mentions that King Purnawarman of Tarumanagara undertook hydraulic projects; the irrigation and water drainage project of the Chandrabhaga river and the Gomati river near his capital.

From the 7th to the early 13th century, the port of Sunda was under the Srivijaya maritime empire. According to the Chinese source, Chu-fan-chi , written circa , Chou Ju-kua reported in the early 13th century Srivijaya still ruled Sumatra, the Malay peninsula and western Java Sunda. The people worked in agriculture and their houses were built on wooden piles. The first European fleet, four Portuguese ships from Malacca , arrived in , while looking for a route for spices.

Sunda Kelapa was renamed Jayakarta, [33] and became a fiefdom of the Banten Sultanate , which became a major Southeast Asia trading centre. In , the English East India Company ‘s first voyage, commanded by Sir James Lancaster , arrived in Aceh and sailed on to Banten where they were allowed to build a trading post. This site became the centre of English trade in Indonesia until When relations between Prince Jayawikarta and the Dutch deteriorated, his soldiers attacked the Dutch fortress.

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From Hanoi, you could take a train , or grab a ride on the Sapa Express Bus that departs daily at 7am. For a little more adventure, you could rent a motorbike and ride up to Sapa, but be warned – it’s a ten-hour ride, and not recommended for novice riders. Round flight from Singapore to Hanoi: Mount Bromo, the more famous of the two, is easily recognized by the constant billowing of white smoke from its caldera. Source Other attractions include Madakaripura Waterfall, a stunning waterfall where Indonesian national icon Gajah Madah was said to have meditated, and Lakes Ranupani and Ranu Regalo, two misty lakes at the base of Semuru.

If you want to get closer to nature, camping in the park is permitted but prior registration is required. The nearest major airport is in Surabaya, served by over 6 flights daily from Singapore. Round trip from Singapore to Surabaya: Pulau Tiga, Malaysia Pulau Tiga is a little-known island off the coast of Sabah, but most of us have probably seen it in one way or another – Pulau Tiga was the shooting location of the first season of Survivor!

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History of rail transport in Indonesia Indonesian Railways Co. Indonesia gained independence in , the separate systems except the Deli Railway were combined into the Djawatan Kereta Api. Indonesian State Railway Corporation in

Jakarta (/ dʒ ə ˈ k ɑːr t ə /; Indonesian pronunciation: [dʒaˈkarta]), officially the Special Capital Region of Jakarta (Indonesian: Daerah Khusus Ibu Kota Jakarta), is the capital and largest city of Indonesia.. It is located on the northwest coast of the world’s most populous island, Java. it is the centre of economics, culture and politics of Indonesia.

A worker in a Surabaya brothel shouting protests against the government shutting it down, in a photo. The government has already come down hard on 68 of these areas, and are working on shutting down the remaining in the next three years, social affairs minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa told the Jakarta Post this week. A policeman questions suspected sex workers L and a cafe employee R detained during a raid in Kalijodo on February 20, They found 9, bottles of alcohol and packs of condoms.

The police breaking down a door with an axe during the Kalijodo raid last week. The administration is so bent on cleaning out the red-light districts that bulldozers are scheduled to move on the district next Monday. This will leave roughly 3, residents and legal business owners there out of jobs and homes.

A local resident told ABC News that authorities gave her an eviction notice just a week ago. A food seller in Kalijodo said he had been been paying his land tax for the last 15 years, and was unhappy that authorities wouldn’t be compensating him during the eviction.

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