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I just spun up a new VPS, set it up with a fresh and clean LAMP stack and pointed my domain to it.

No error is logged in the event viewer of either the client and the server.

xp not updating dns-28

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If I do the same in XP, STORAGE will work but NAS will not.

It just times out Is there some setting buried in XP to make this work properly?

You're looking at two different kinds of name resolution.

When you issue a ping command to a host name, you utilize the standard TCP lookup sequence (own host name, hosts file, dns server). This is why both the A and CNAME work When you preceed a name with a double slash "\", you are now telling Windows that you want to talk to a Net BIOS device, using Net BIOS name resolution.

Did not really like it, because it didn't allow me to also use Open DNS at the same time.

So, I decided to permanently remove BT parental controls in favour of Open DNS.

I've stumbled upon a strange behaviour with Windows machines, which seems to be fairly consistent between all Windows versions from Vista/2008 to 8.1/2012 R2; it doesn't happen instead when using Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

The problem is this: when the network adapter is configured for DHCP and the DHCP server doesn't register DNS records on behalf of its clients (because it can't, or because it's not configured to do so), then A friend not on SF said: "That's normal, PTR is only updated by DHCP in Win2K ".

Hello everyone, I have a strange problem and I can't seem to see anything that could cause it.

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