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You teach your friends how to use them, convince them why they are important and would be teaching us a thing or two about them. - General marketing and outreach -- helping reach out to new cities and resources in current cities.

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I have over 500 contacts on Linked In, so how many should I invite to be sure I get in?

I thought maybe 10 would be a good number, but in the end I could not be bothered scrolling through 500 contacts so I picked the first three of my entrepreneurial contacts, who I thought might be happy to endorse me. I open the email to be told that 2 of my 3 contacts had not endorsed me yet, and that Founder Dating “” Hmmm. Founder Dating tell me to invite as many people to vouch for me as possible, yet my application can’t proceed unless every single one of them replies.

- Events - ensuring 60 events around the world are organized and people are happy.

We have a freemium model where we monetize through paid subscriptions that go from US$ 5 to US$ 20 per month.

Our big bet is that any middle class single over 30 years old in any Latin American country, has enough purchasing power to buy a US$ 8 subscription (which is roughly what a movie ticket costs).

We’re currently present in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile, with localized content, websites, algorithms and customer support, all from our headquarters in Lima-Peru.

You roll up your sleeves and you do what's needed because you want to build something awesome. aren't just passing social media trends, they are community building tools. You pay extra attention to details because you know they matter. You anticipate what is needed next and do it before it's asked.

And you've already spent a ton of time on each them. Not because it's #trending, but because you see it as a platform for innovation, learning and building. You're constantly thinking of new ideas AND able to execute on them.

We're the leading online network for entrepreneurs to connect with each other, potential cofounders and advisors.

We're looking for a talented intern or two to meaningfully contribute to the team. You love entrepreneurship and bringing people together. Spreadsheets, calendars and life hacks are your best friend. This doesn't mean you're not creative or one step ahead.

The concept sounds good – a matching website for entrepreneurs in the Internet startup space, with tight control on who gets to join and an emphasis on at least 50% engineers, presumably so it doesn’t get flooded with those annoying MBA-types with their ideas and “I just need a coder” attitude. I’m looking for a technical co-founder, so I applied.

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