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That is a title that is reserved for the notorious Tiffany “New York” Pollard.

, the most recently published novel in Martin's best-selling series.

The show has further complicated speculation efforts by altering important plot points and introducing entirely new ones into the mix, as well. In a single hour in the premiere, two fan theories that still haven't been definitively answered in the books got sorted out on the show: 1. But what about the countless other theories whipped up by book fans over the years that could still possibly get worked into the show?

On May 22, 2017, Rachel Lindsay stepped out from a limousine and became the first black woman to receive the supplications of 25 men on network television.

It’s welcome change, and one that is long overdue; but while Rachel may be the first black Bachelorette of the ABC franchise, she is not the first black Bachelorette of our hearts.

With the event doubling in size, the show included, for the first time, a dedicated children’s entertainment area with free face painting, small rides and a Punch and Judy show.

A craft and food hall marquee was bustling with guests hoping to get a taste of some locally sourced produce.

Did Jon Snow "warg" into his direwolf after getting stabbed? Is Melisandre a very, very old woman working some powerful mojo to keep herself looking spry? As we prepare for episode two, let's run through the most intriguing fan theories -- batshit crazy though some of them may be -- that could conceivably still happen on Many hints have been given in the books and in various HBO episodes that Jon Snow is not, in fact, Ned Stark's bastard son. ), R L = J is essentially assumed to be true, and this looks like the season we'll find out one way or another; thanks to set-watchers and casting-call listings that would seem to confirm that elements of this theory will finally be tackled, possibly via flashback as soon as episode three.

This well-known theory posits that the seemingly slain Lord Commander of the Night's Watch is the offspring of Ned's dead sister Lyanna and her dead paramour (and possible secret husband) Prince Rhaegar, who was the heir to the Iron Thrones and also a much-older brother of Daenerys. If true, this would mean that Jon Snow is the half-nephew of Khaleesi.

Whereas the leaned heavily into the farce of courtship. There was even a beauty-pageant competition, replete with a swimsuit contest and talent competition!

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