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As its name might suggest, Industrial Way is not known for being pedestrian-friendly.

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It’s illegal to employ children under the age of 13 unless they are taking part in a paid performance (eg a play or film), sport or modelling and you have obtained a child performance licence from the relevant local authority.

Children aged 13 may only be employed if your local authority allows it and only on an occasional basis: There are strict rules governing the hours that children can work and the types of work they can do.

Statistics from the Society for Human Resource Management indicate that 31 percent of employees were in a compressed workweek schedule as of 2015.

That's the case, however, for only 5 percent of large companies.

Many employers and employees love the thought of a four-day workweek.

Supposedly, a four-day work schedule allows workers extra time to pursue leisure activities and family togetherness.

Amazon announced in late August that it is experimenting with an even shorter workweek of 30 hours for select employees, who would earn 75 percent of their full-time salary, should they choose to opt in.

Many of the pilot programs have shown promising results.

The rest are owned by independent business folks who have contracts with BP to buy its gas and use the logo. Which means BP is still making its money, and the people who own these stations -- and sign contracts up to 10 years -- are locked into a money loser.

Their solution: Station owners and gas distributors have asked BP to cut the cost of the gas they buy and to help pay for advertising to attract customers.

Having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder isn’t the end of the world. But just like other medical conditions such as diabetes and asthma, there is a treatment for OCD.

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