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October 21, 2015 is "Back to the Future Day." It's the day Marty Mc Fly and Doc Brown travel to the future in their time machine, the De Lorean, in Stephen Spielberg's "Back To The Future: Part II." The date was carefully chosen for one simple reason: It was a day, theoretically, the Chicago Cubs could win the World Series.

In the movie, Marty Mc Fly notices while time traveling that the Cubs finally win the world series in 2015, and buys a sports almanac so his younger self can make bets and get rich when he returns from the future.

The group have currently based on BPI certifications sold a minimum of 1.5 million albums in the UK alone.

To date, Mc Fly have sold more than 7 million records worldwide.

The limited edition sneakers will only be available via e Bay auctions, with proceeds going to the Michael J. The foundation conducts research on Parkinson’s Disease, which the actor suffers from.

Nike has already sent a pair of the sneakers to Fox, and a tweet by the foundation shows the self-lacing mechanism in action.“The whole ‘proposing to a dude’ market hasn’t quite caught up,” joked Mc Fly.So after a ton of online research and ring shopping with his fellow radio hosts, Kelly Collis and Jen Richer, Mc Fly decided to pop the question on a “half knee half couch situation” at their home.But his nemesis, Biff, gets his hands on the almanac and gets rich instead.""If the Cubs were going to win the World Series, what date would that be on?To mark the date, Toyota and agency Droga5 have reunited the film's two stars, Michael J.

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