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Her 1976 debut album entitled This Is Niecy was released. Williams also topped the dance charts with her disco single "I've Got the Next Dance".

Nicollette Sheridan just filed for divorce from husband Aaron Phypers after six months of marriage.

They were dining with some friends, grabbing a late lunch at Taverna Tony's. maybe a tasty nicoise salad with a side of dog biscuits?? Either way, she looks like she takes really good care of herself and her dog! Nicollette and Touchstone will square off in court once more on December 2nd an LA Superior Court judge ruled. [ is STILL going on, and YES, the courts are STILL not ruling in her favor!

Now that her court date is set, she can relax and spend time doing other things… She was recently spotted walking her pup through Beverly Hills while wearing a nice all white ensemble. And this time, it went as high up as the California Supreme Court!

This celebration marked 100 years of independence from Mexico and celebrated the Western American ...

more1941: Married members of the University of Texas football team posing with their wives.

In the 1970s she became a backup vocalist for Stevie Wonder as part of "Wonderlove". She also shared a number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with pop singer Johnny Mathis in 1978 with the duet "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late".

She left Wonder in 1975 and after signing to Columbia Records, she teamed up with two famed producers: Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire, and his frequent collaborator, Charles Stepney. The duet also topped the Black Singles and Adult Contemporary charts.As we all know, the actress' now-two-year-old lawsuit began when she asserted that she was wrongfully fired after series creator Marc Cherry struck her during an argument over her dialogue.These claims have since been dismissed, while her case against the network and producers resulted in a mistrial.All the while, World War II had just started and five Texas City plants become major production sites for critical ...more1942: Boys playing marbles in a labour camp in Robstown, Texas.It was a lot of fun.") During those years Williams also worked in a telephone company and as a ward clerk at the Chicago Mercy Hospital.

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