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By John Black LGBTQ fans of the LOGO network already know they can tune in to find reruns of Absolutely Fabulous, catch up on the latest drama on Ru Paul’s Drag Race and watch plenty of hot guys on the all-male bachelor-esque dating show, Finding Prince Charming.

Thanks to the work of the Taj Paxton, an award-winning producer, writer and filmmaker who currently is the head of Logo Documentary Films, they are also finding fascinating documentaries that truly celebrate (and sometimes investigate) the lives of people in their community.

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Who is kim bogucki dating

She was born in Boston in 1925 and raised in Arlington, Mass., before attending Harvard, then coming to Seattle in 1953.

She is a mother of six and has won many awards for her work, including the United Nations Human Rights Prize.

Was there a moment in their lives where they could have made a different or a better decision and have things turn out differently?

It’s certainly a question that needs to be talked about in a country where women are incarcerated at a rate four times that of men.”” Hungry, another long form dramatic documentary coming later this fall, tells the stories of three female chefs, revealing their passions, partners, and challenges of running demanding kitchens.

It didn't matter who I was, I thought as I went through this process.

I was known by name to my family and my friends, but anonymous to the general public, and that was fine.Bullitt is also known for hosting Wednesday-evening picnics every July for five decades on her Capitol Hill lawn in Seattle.Sometimes hundreds of people come to spread out blankets and eat a community dinner while gaggles of children play.Just after she finished up the first leg of a tour (the second begins in January) and overcame swine flu, Carlile sat down with to chat with Out about the best part of meeting Elton, her arresting girlfriend, and how her gay role models have made it easier to be out.Out: There's a lot of soul-searching on Give Up the Ghost.As one of few Black and openly LGBTQ film executives, Taj proudly stands on the front lines of diversity and representation.

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