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"I've lost track of how many times he's said that," Kate said of Jon threatening legal action. was shown in a new, not so flattering light, by her ex Jeff Prescott.She went through fertility treatments to get pregnant.

EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Details Estrangement From His Kids, Says Kate Is Trying to 'Remove Me From the Family' "It was on the advice of the doctors and it had to happen.

He is plotting along and we are too, the "Kate Plus 8" star says.

The former boyfriend told of how he dodged a bullet of shocking lies, weird machinations and desperate attention seeking from the mom of eight.

Prescott explained why he ditched the drama that was "" and never looked back.

That lack of transparency was one of the things that scared Prescott off.

He finally explained why he broke up with the reality show star.

The millionaire boyfriend's expose will leave your mouth gaping.

It explains why Kate is so doggedly attached to her reality TV status and the bizarre lengths she was willing to go to in order to preserve it.

After twins, the couple tired for one more -and instead got six!

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