Who is dating keisha knight pulliam

“Whoever is involved, those are the people who were there. I can only speak to the great man that I know and love, who has been so generous, who has been such a philanthropist and giving back millions of dollars to education and schools. he’s the man who inspired me to be such an entrepreneur …

I feel that his legacy and all the great things he’s done speak volumes.” Pulliam was the first to be fired on this season’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” for refusing to call her TV dad to ask for funding on the show for charity.

Sandra Rose reports: This former child star and a former NFL player got married at the start of the new year.

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The husband, who has with a roving eye for women, used the actress’s B-list clout and money to open up a gym in Atlanta.

But now he is missing in action from her social media pages and she has made no mention of him in her podcasts in months.

The actress posted the above pic flossing her diamond ring and getting her New Year's kiss saying: Nope, that's not Big Tigger.

It's Ed Hartwell, former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Lisa Wu's ex-husband.

Regarding the support of women’s issues, Pulliam noted that her charity camp is all about empowerment and self-esteem.

“When it comes to women’s issues, I’m very much to the forefront and I’m very much a proponent of them.

The child-star, who played the daughter of a legendary comedian on a ’80s TV sitcom, married the broke womanizer about a month after they got engaged.

The marriage was troubled from the start, according to insiders.

Pulliam who is four months pregnant with a girl has reportedly spilled news to The that Hartwell was likely cheating on her with Carroll.

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