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I first heard of Ali Brown when she was teaching the email newsletter business to entrepreneurs here in Los Angeles.She was mostly speaking to small audiences at the time, but fast forward 3 years, and today her business is doing .8 million in annual business and it’s on the Inc 500 list.

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US-based entrepreneur and business coach Ali Brown believes business owners shouldn’t shy away from speaking their minds, and says it was through using her own personal brand that she built a global coaching business with millions in annual revenue. A good brand stands for something, and is against other things,” Brown told Read more: How to build your personal brand as a startup founder Brown was in Australia during February to conduct a number of one-on-one coaching sessions with other entrepreneurs and SME owners, and to hold a networking event with the Director Institute.

Her coaching sessions can cost up to $US50,000 ($64,000) and require business owners to fill out a detailed form on her website, according to au.

We’ll probably talk about ‘team’ today–it’s been a big part of my growth. We can talk about that as well, which I felt was a big gap out there for women and entrepreneurship and being complete entrepreneurs.

I have several different brands online now including: Ali Magazine actually, I have a copy here. You know, being the ‘holistic entrepreneur’ because our lives are no longer black and white.I was working in a tiny company and was doing everything from talking to clients, to servicing accounts, to getting coffee for my boss, to fixing the fax machine.That was when I realized that I had the skills I needed to do this on my own.” She quit her job.And this show is also my favorite venture of all time.These latest 6 episodes share the powerful stories of these amazing women founders, creators, and leaders. You can listen to them here or download right now, for free.“I was so excited I just quit, and I told myself I’d just figure it out,” she says.

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