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Angela asked for my house keys and said she was going to drop Nick off at the Cincinnatian Hotel, and go back to my place"Chad claims when he finished work and got home at 4.30am, his girlfriend was not there and after deciding to drive to Nick's hotel saw her car parked outside.He added: "I phoned her and asked her where she was, and she wouldn't tell me I told her, 'I know you're upstairs, please come down, I just want my keys so I can go home'"Later I told her, 'I need to know what happened in the room' She said they opened a bottle of wine and Nick tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away "Obviously, she was trying to hide something She was in that room for an hour and a half, not answering my calls" A spokesperson for Nick, who celebrates his third wedding anniversary with Jessica later this month, has dismissed the allegations, calling them "absolutely not true".

A., the foursome started singing everywhere they could.

Lippmann left the group to start the Christian group True Vibe and was replaced by Nick's brother, Drew Lachey.

Derek Jeter is one of the best players to ever play the game for the Yankees.

When you are a legend in your sport, you get rewarded with millions of dollars - and a revolving door of hot girlfriends.

He has released four solo albums: Soul O, What's Left of Me, A Father's Lullaby, and Soundtrack of My Life.

He is also known for his recurring role as Leslie St. He is the brother of singer and actor Drew Lachey, alongside whom he has worked closely.

Eventually, the pair has had two beautiful children together.

However, the pair decides to end their relationship by divorce on December 16, 2005.

is an American singer, songwriter, actor, producer, and television personality.

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