While accommodating

Assignments and Instructions: Put on the board or hand out written statements of all important dates, assignments, exams, instructions, or changes in location.

If you need to communicate with the student by telephone, use the General U. TDD/TTY Relay (982-HEAR) or the Virginia Relay Center (1-800-828-1140/1120).

Set up a system to notify the student ahead of time if class is canceled so that she/he can inform the interpreter.

Pet owners can always ask a friend to take care of their dog, but another popular option is to search the classified ads on Craigslist for a pet sitter.

If a pet owner wants a pet to fly with them, the pet can sometimes travel under the seat in the cabin of the airplane.

If you need to speak while writing on the board, have a student write while you dictate.

If you tend to speak quickly, try to moderate your speed, and slow down when explaining important ideas and facts.

The option to fly in the cabin is only available on some airlines and only for small dogs.

For most pet owners, the cabin will not be an option so their dog will only be able to fly in the cargo area of the airplane.

Applicants and employees may obtain exceptions to rules or policies in order to follow their religious beliefs or practices.

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