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See: the UK, the number of men and women over 65 years of age was 10.8 million in 2012 and is projected to increase to 17.8 million by 2037 with those over-85s doubling in number to 3.6 million.1 Two-thirds of people admitted to hospital are over 65 years old with those over 85 years accounting for 25% of bed days.2 Though increasing age is associated with increased health service usage, other factors may help identify those at greatest risk of admission.

Most studies examining hospital activity start from those hospitalised but are limited with respect to population denominators;3–7 even those that use general practice record linkage studies only include people who attended general practices while population-based studies that have measured factors prospectively prior to admission are limited.8–13In this study we examined the relationship between simple and easily measurable demographic and behavioural factors to predict in a general population cohort resident in Norfolk, the future risk of use of National Health Service (NHS) hospitals over a 10-year period from 1999 to 2009, a period of relative stability for the NHS under Primary Care Trusts.

Of course, what makes MIT difficult is that you are faced with continual assessment, and are given maybe a few days to prepare for tests, and thus the pace is certainly more intense for a given semester at MIT.

Cambridge, on the other hand, might be more akin to the experience you might have preparing for quals in grad school -- your knowledge needs to be integrated and synthesized and then demonstrated in only a few hours of blazing glory.

I went through Course 18, to study the second year Mathematical Tripos (Part IB): It should first be said that I worked nearly as hard if not harder there at Cambridge in my junior year than during my time here at MIT.

The learning style is definitely different at Cambridge and requires a great deal of individual motivation and tenacity to make it through the year successfully, i.e. In particular, although the only evaluation for Cambridge occurs at the end of the year in the form of four 3-hour exams (the tripos), these exams require a great deal of preparation and are significantly harder than most exams at MIT.

The strongest of these is increasing age with high body mass index and smoking having similar magnitudes for predicting risk of future hospital usage.

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