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Berry actively lobbied for the "sterilisation, segregation and the lethal chamber" of sex workers, Indigenous peoples, and other marginalised people who he claimed to be of "rotten heredity." The renaming of the building is the result of long-standing campaign by a group of staff and students.

Karnataka Sex Workers Union held protests and spoke out about recent attempts to conduct invasive unethical research on sex workers, without proper community involvement.

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Maybe they’re just doing it for now because it’s the best thing in front of them.” A socially acceptable face of sex work is emerging, she says.

NSWP member organisation Project X have urged people to “scrutinise and seriously question the visual representation of sex workers in Singaporean mainstream media.” The call comes following several high profile raids on sex workers' workplaces in recent months, and subsequent stigmatising media coverage of the events.

Sex worker Jolene Parton used to use the website which was shut down by the Feds recently.

less Jolene Parton works on her computer and checks messages at an outdoor coffee shop on Grand Avenue in Oakland, Calif.

In a post on their Facebook page, Project X describe the media coverage as a “method of shaming” which “not only dehumanises the women in question, it also turns the matter into a one-sided conversation in which sex workers are ridiculed, talked about and talked at.” The New Zealand Prostitutes Collective (NZPC) have cautioned the local city council in Christchurch, New Zealand against taking the approach of introducing a new by law pushing sex workers out of their workspaces.

The building at the entrance to Melbourne University, Australia, will no longer bear the name of its condemned former head of anatomy, and Dean of Medicine, Richard Berry.

The results are both surprising and stereotype shattering. The study found Internet escorts are predominantly homosexual, whereas absolutely no bar and club workers in the study identified as homosexual.

The study found that there were no significant correlations between between the age of the sex workers and the number of clients they got, no relationship between age and monthly incomes, and relatively no differences in job satisfaction between online escorts and club workers. That means, for many of the straight sex workers, their first encounter with a male client was also their first encounter with a male sex partner.

She said she has not found a better site than My Red Book, which was one of the Bay Area's more popular prostitution websites but was shut down ...

more Jolene Parton works on her computer and checks messages at an outdoor coffee shop on Grand Avenue in Oakland, Calif.

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