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Welcome to the Bureau of Land Management(BLM), General Land Office (GLO) Records Automation web site.We provide live access to Federal land conveyance records for the Public Land States, including image access to more than five million Federal land title records issued between 1788 and the present.

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sent ballots to over 800 lawyers in the Shreveport-Bossier community. James Hill, III Smitherman, Hill, & Brice John Hodge Wiener, Weiss and Madison Jena Hogan Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway Brian A. Haller Jackson, III Bradley, Murchison, Kelly & Shea J. Blanchard, Walker, O’Quin & Roberts, APLC Bernard S. Kirkpatrick Bradley, Murchison, Kelly & Shea Robert Knight Knight Law Firm Pete Krammer Kammer & Huckabay Law Firm Cliffe Laborde, III Wiener, Weiss & Madison Norman I. Weiss Wiener, Weiss & Madison Shante’ Wells Washington & Wells Geoffrey Westmoreland Wiener, Weiss & Madison Rachel Wiggins John D. Johnson Law Firm Luke Whetstone Nelson & Hammons David L. White Ayres, Shelton, Williams, Benson & Paine Gregg Wilkes Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway Craig Williams Robinson & Williams John R.

Voters were asked the following question: Which Shreveport-Bossier lawyers, of those whose work you have witnessed firsthand, would you rank among the current best? Guerriero Guerriero & Guerriero Jean-Paul Guidry The Law Office of Jean-Paul Guidry, LLC Kenneth Haines Weems, Schimpf, Haines, Landry, Shemwell & Moore David Hamm Kean Miller Attorneys at Law John L. Kris Jackson Thomas, Soileau, Jackson, Baker & Cole Patrick Jackson Attorney at Law Sam L. Attorney at Law Curtis Joseph Winchell & Joseph Richard M. Johnson Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway Eric Johnson John D. Johnson Law Firm Ginger West Johnson Law Office of Ginger West Johnson Harry Johnson Morris, Dewitt & Savoie Julie Payne Johnson Gregorio, Chafin & Johnson Robert W. Lafargue Mc Michael, Medlin, D’Anna, Wedgeworth & Lafargue, LLC Richard Lamb, III Wiener, Weiss & Madison Brian Landry Weems, Schimpf, Haines, Landry, Shemwell & Moore Glenn Langley Langley, Parks, Horton & Maxwell Ronald F. Williams Ayres, Shelton, Williams, Benson & Paine Joshua Williams Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office Ryan C. Williams Blanchard, Walker, O’Quin & Roberts, APLC Mary Winchell Winchell & Joseph Scott R.

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Federal Land Patents offer researchers a source of information on the initial transfer of land titles from the Federal government to individuals.

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