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Giffard Apricot Caramelized apricots with subtle hints of almond and a crisp, tart finish and fresh lemon.

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Sections 114, 230 Tacos de Hongos - The Big Star “Veggie” Taco features housemade corn tortillas, roasted mushrooms, fresh tomato salsa, poblano peppers, queso fresco, white onions and cilantro Tacos de Carne Asada - Housemade corn tortilla, seared skirt steak, roasted tomato salsa, white onion and chopped fresh cilantro Tacos de Picadillo - Housemade corn tortilla, beef seasoned with chipotle peppers finished with fresh white onion, cilantro, roasted peanuts, crumbled queso fresco Taco al Pastor - Housemade corn tortilla, seasoned pork shoulder, fresh grilled pineapple, grilled red onion and chopped cilantro Tacos de Pollo Pibil - Housemade corn tortilla, chicken seasoned with guajillo chiles, achiote, finished with pickled red onion, crumbled queso fresco, chopped cilantro and fresh lime Chips with Salsa Verde and Chipotle - House fried corn tortilla chips, salsa-chipotle Rojo, salsa-verde and fresh lime Big Star Guacamole - House fried corn tortilla chips, fresh avocado, red onion, garlic, serrano peppers, radish, fresh lime and cilantro Queso Fundido Nachos - Housemade pork chorizo, poblano rajas, Chihuahua cheese, queso fresco, sour cream, jalapeño and fresh cilantro Classic Herradura Big Star Margarita - Herradura “Blanco” Tequila Sweet and clean with a gentle finish, Orange Curacao (Curacao is flavored with bitter orange peels from the island of the same name.

Cuba – San Juan) - Marie Brizard and fresh lime Dickel #12 House Punch - The Dickel # 12 is a Tennessee whiskey and has concentrated flavors of rich oak and subtle vanilla lead to a long finish with hints of maple, butter and smoke.

We talked via veggieconnection and moved to emails and phone shortly after. We were so similar and had the same views on almost everything. Now as I type this, I am sitting clear across the continent from New York to British Columbia right next to my soulmate Devin.

Devin (shadowski) and I made our first visit together back in May.

Strolling along the two-mile long River Walk by the Milwaukee River is an excellent and unique way to get to know Milwaukee.

You can stop at one of many great restaurants or brewpubs along the way.

Archaeologists have thought for a while that most settled ancient populations survived on a vegetarian diet and now carbon isotope analysis has given experts a better idea than ever before of what the ancient Egyptians ate.

A team of researchers studied carbon atoms in 45 mummies that lived in Egypt between 3,500BC and 600AD to discover that they ate a lot of barley and wheat over the long period, suggesting that they adapted to the region incredibly well, as evidenced by farming scenes painted on the walls of tombs (pictured) Carbon atoms are taken in by plants from carbon dioxide in the process of photosynthesis and carbon ends up in human bodies by eating the plants or by eating animals that eat the plants, Live Science reported. Surprisingly the study revealed that the mummies had not eaten much fish in their lifetime.

Finishes smooth and sweet with a hint of spice to keep things interesting.

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