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Leino, K., Riuttanen, L., Nieminen, T., Väänänen, R., Pohja, T., Keronen, P., Järvi, L., Aalto, P. M., Petäjä, T., Kulmala, M., Nieminen, T., Dal Maso, M., Virkkula, A. F., Bircher, S., Lawrence, H., Mialon, A., Al Bitar, A., Richaume, P.

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Often you may want to animate images opening from list (List View, Recycler View, etc) into full screen (View Pager).

That requires quite complex logic of keeping start and end views in sync (opening View Pager on correct page, updating views if list or View Pager content updated, updating views position if list was scrolled, scrolling list if View Pager was scrolled and so on).

A., Albrecht, F., Cipriani, A., Vakolyuk, M., Garcia, A., Rabia, A. A., Kattenborn, T., Hazarika, R., Schepaschenko, M., van der Velde, M., Kraxner, F., Obersteiner, M.

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Cost accounting: Concepts and Techniques for Management.

Markets and hierarchies: Analysis and antitrust Implications.

Leonid Chernovetskyi won another term as Mayor of Kiev with 38% of the vote in the May 25, 2008 snap local election, called on by the Verkhovna Rada in March.

New York: Prentice - Hall International, Ltd., 1990.

If your starting and/or destination views sources are different from Recycler View / View Pager than you'll need to implement custom animation logic.

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