Validating pasport numbers

I found it when asking a very important question to the Google Search Machine. This article is looking at the history not my opinions.I need to know if my ID Number was altered by the registration offices and if yes, how do I prove that the old number did belong to me. I have been asked a question by a person whose ID number ends with "087".So over the course of 19 everyone in South Africa was issued a new ID number and somewhere inside the government there is a database that maps old ID numbers to new ones for people born before 1986!

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I borrowed a copy of the much briefer 3rd edition this way.

NET webservice to validate South African Person ID numbers.

The MRTD standards are encoded in ICAO Document 9303.

Part 1 documents Machine Readable Passports (MRPs).

Execution procedure used by combatant command components, supporting combatant commanders, and providing organizations to confirm to the supported commander and US Transportation Command that all the information records in a time-phased force and deployment data not only are error free for automation purposes, but also accurately reflect the current status, attributes, and availability of units and requirements.

Unit readiness, movementdates, passengers, and cargo details should be confirmed with theunit before validation occurs.

See also independent review; time-phased force and deployment data; verification.

Lisa Wollin Microsoft Corporation May 2004 Applies to: Microsoft® Office Front Page® 2003 Microsoft Front Page 2002 Microsoft Front Page 2000 Summary: Learn how validate HTML form fields using Java Script in Microsoft Office Front Page 2003.

Her mother was previously classified as "Coloured" but was then classified as "White" in the days when the Mixed Marriages Act was still on the statute books. (I have been issued with a new Tax Number) Thank you.

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