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In this Video Marketing Conversation, Scott Williford sits down with Paula Garlen to discuss the challenges around virtual instructor lead training. They contracted with v Link Solutions to consult on the project.

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For some of today's youngsters, it may not be enough to be told that they should not engage in sex because Islam forbids it.

They also need to be advised of the hazards of early sex, sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy and sex education in the dimension of marriage and sex after marriage, in addition to the biology of development and hormonal changes at puberty.

In part 2, Scott and Paula dive into the details of how they effectively solved many of the challenges faced.

Creativity of the Solution The solution involved combining live webcasting production technology, a robust video conferencing platform, and audience polling service to cost-effectively create a new methodology to provide the virtual instructor-led training experience we wanted.

Tina Frundt, the founder and executive director of Courtney’s House, a non-profit organization that helps girls and women who have been victims of human or sex trafficking said many in the US believe there are lots of laws which protect trafficked children, when in reality there are not.

In many cases children are penalized for actions they had no ability to consent to or escape from.

Online virtual training and learning management systems have been around for a long time in various flavors.

And, from a business perspective, instructor-led, classroom training delivery, alone, is increasingly becoming a less viable solution for most organizations.

They are uncomfortable in discussing it with their teenagers just as their own parents never discussed it with them.

They leave it up to the Sunday school to teach Islam and up to the television and the secular school system to teach sex education.

Frundt, a victim of sex trafficking herself, explained the trade in Washington is nothing new; it has been ongoing for over 50 years.“,” she said.

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