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“She should just crawl in a hole and die.” FOR THE PAST several seasons, has wiggled around in the shady middle of a Venn diagram of conservative values and cultural relevancy.

Its deep heteronormativity has been the source of both its strength and its irony—its earnest insistence on traditional romance existing both alongside and Increasingly, the show is allowing fissures in its well-wrought romance terrarium, admitting evidence of both its production and its broadcast into the final edit.

But Charlie has picked up several women all the time, he's had so many he can't remember all of them, and he did so many women that they made a website against Charlie Harper.

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Clearly, other Brunonians feel the same way: just look at Brown Admirers or Brown Confessions.

Regardless of the overwhelming hotness of our student body, many of us pinpoint that person who is the epitome of physical attractiveness to you.

In the last three seasons, producers have found their way into shots with more and more frequency, and contestants have referred—both obliquely and directly—to the existence of things like, say, the cameras that tail them 24/7.

In terms of its broadcast, too, the show is also hyperaware of its online reception, something it both plays to and monitors, knowing contestants’ Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts are scrutinized for evidence of spoilers.

We met some fellow vacationers from NY and made lifelong friends. They offered to send someone down when they came into work.

To my surprise I was able to slide a window open and get into my unit. 18th but, as always, loved it despite the heat and humidity.

Guess Taylor Swift is finally ''out of the woods.'' After her good couple of months hiatus from all the break-up, hook-ups and Kanye-Kim Feud, Tay Tay is finally back. The undisputed queen of breakup songs, Taylor Swift, has found a new muse!

Taylor Swift's newly budding relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn has been the talk of Hollywood this past couple of weeks. Well, Taylor Swift's dating history with Joe Alwyn.

He had a young handyman, and Charlie's girlfriend preferred him a-lot more, but he gave her money and bought her something and she chose a some-what 40 year old Charlie over a some-what 20 something handyman. The only person who can compete with Barney for the ladies is The Fonz. Their money and big ass tvs and cars and beach houses aren't going to be of any use.

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