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This document contains updates for "IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager for Windows Backup-Archive Clients Installation and User's Guide V7.1".The updates are for the V7.1 product information at If you downloaded either of the following documents from the IBM Publication Center at

updating tivoli backup client-7

In the AIX, HPUX, Linux, and Solaris portion of this topic, in the information center, the path for the default log file location for the MAC platform is incorrect.

The path shown is: /Library/Applications Support/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/IBM_ANR_UNIX/Vxxxx/log/ The correct path is: /Library/Application Support/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/IBM_ANR_MAC/Vxxxx/log Two additional paragraphs have been added, immediately after the table that shows the default log locations.

This document contains instructions for downloading the most current fix packs and interim fixes from Fix Central.

You can download the IBM Spectrum Protect server and client, IBM Spectrum Protect for SAN, and the Operations Center.

About this task In a clustered-data ONTAP environment, storage virtual machines (also referred to as data v Servers) contain data volumes that can be protected by the backup-archive client.

A storage virtual machine consists of a single infinite volume or one or more flex volumes.

The new paragraphs read as follows: During client automatic deployment schedule definition from the Tivoli Storage Manager Server or Administration Center, the user can specify non-default retrieval target location for UNIX and Linux platforms.

Specifying a non-default retrieval target location changes the location of the log and trace files.

To learn more about the rebranding transition, see

TSM works with preformatted Database, Log, and Data volumes on local disks.

Installing the Tivoli Storage Manager Windows client You can install the Tivoli® Storage Manager Windows client from the product DVD, or other installation media.

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