Updating source data for pivot table

hopefully this is a quick question which can give a quick answer. The following code snippet is what I've got in place currently - problem is though it does NOT update the range.

I have a spreadsheet that contains, among other things, a sheet that is updated via another process (gets a few hundred rows added). Pivot Table Wizard Source Type:=xl Database, Source Data:="All Data!

Visible = False The variable lng All Max Row contains the total number of data rows on the sheet All Data. Cheers, Ad Hi, Different approach: I would use a dynamic range as pivot table source so I wouldn't bother with changing its source but only refresh it either manually or via simple VBA code.

You have learnt how to summarize data with a Pivot Table.

As time goes by, the external data source may change and grow with newly added records.

However, Power Pivot is still using its snapshot, so it can’t incorporate any of the changes in your data source until you take another snapshot.

Whenever you change the information in your source data table, you will need to update the Pivot Table.

There is no need to recreate the table, instead you simply select a cell in the Pivot Table and then select Refresh Data from the Data menu, or click on the Refresh Data tool on the Pivot Table toolbar.

On the home tab of the Power Pivot window, you see the Refresh command.

Click the drop-down arrow below it to see two options: Refresh and Refresh All.

hopefully this is a quick question which can give a quick answer.

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