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Many organizations work with security groups to simplify their user management.In my scenario, I created some security groups within Delegate365 and added some users as members. To clarify, there is no correspondence between OU’s in Delegate365 and any security groups.

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To rebuild the index, select your desired mailboxes by holding the Shift or Command keys and clicking them to add them to the selection, and then choose "Rebuild" from the bottom of the Mailbox menu.

This will clear the current index for the selected mailboxes and then read through your messages to rebuild it, so it may take some time, but when complete, it should give accurate information about the messages in the mailbox.

Thursday, June 29, 2017 Delegate365 provides various automation tasks.

One of these is the new License Assignment rule to automatically assign Office 365 licenses to users based on their user properties or on their group membership.

Apple's Mail application in OS X offers a built-in option for managing e-mail from a number of services, including standard POP and IMAP accounts, as well as services from specific providers like Google, and Yahoo, among others.

Most of the time Mail will allow you to properly interact with your messages; however, there are times when it can improperly manage messages and give you some odd behaviors.

Lucky for you, Make Use Of is offering a free Mac Automation guide covering just that.

It explains everything you need to stop clicking your mouse so often and start letting your computer do the boring stuff for you.

In order to speed up message handling, the messages in each mailbox are indexed, and it is this index that is accessed for the number of messages in the mailbox, and not the messages directly.

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