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Of course, the downside is that you give up a lot of defense by using it.That’s a pretty fair trade-off, but it did lead to a lot of high-DPS parses in early Highmaul that ruffled the feathers of pure DPS classes.High-DPS parses generally rely on stacking of Holy Avenger and Seraphim with potions, trinkets, and a lucky streak of Avenger’s Shield procs (ideally an Ao E situation for maximum damage). Your average paladin had quite a few glyph options for DPS: Alabaster Shield, Final Wrath, Harsh Word, and situational glyphs like Focused Shield and Double Jeopardy.

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You can see using the Minneapolis Fed inflation calculator (which we take to be honest enough) that the Dollar has 3-cents on the dollar of purchasing power compared with what it had in 1913 when the bankster coup took place.(continues) Now, we interest rates basically unable to rise – due to a host of factors including but not limited to falling (real) consumer discretionary and such – we are wandering through a replay of the events of the shows up everywhere.

And to us, one of the most evident analogs to Tulip Mania is the current headlong rush into crypto currencies.

Semi-parabolic blow-off tops are difficult for the SMS/spewflake crowd to see.

The reason is simple: They haven’t walked the Earth long enough to draw back a ways from the But we’ll just wait.

While you’ve been sleeping (which for most people lasts a lifetime) the Fed and CONgressoids have conspired to spend more money than they take in.

The way this POS economy has been kept alive has been by watering down the purchasing power of money by the same amount as the Gross National Theft.

Harsh Words, while it wasn’t nerfed, was also a contributing factor.

Harsh Word does a fair bit more damage than Shield of the Righteous, so this glyph was a pretty significant DPS gain.

On September 23, 1945, in the building we now know as the "Parish Hall," the first Mass of Sacred Heart Parish in Warner Robins was celebrated in our church by our founding Pastor, Rev. On February 8, 1962, the second Sanctuary was dedicated to handle our growing number of parishioners. On November 19, 1863 President Abraham Lincoln came to Gettysburg, Penn.

to dedicate a cemetery for those who lost their lives in the battle of Gettysburg.

If you haven’t been following the prot DPS scene, you may not know that we were doing a lot of damage in early January.

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