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cd rockbox export RBDEV_PREFIX="/opt/rockbox" sudo mkdir "$RBDEV_PREFIX" # Set yourself as the owner of the build directory to avoid compiling as root sudo chown $USER:$USER "$RBDEV_PREFIX" cd tools ./# Set ownership back to root sudo chown -R root:root "$RBDEV_PREFIX" In such case, you need to modify the CFLAGS used to build the toolchain, as suggested on this page: At the moment it’s at the line 214 of the file I assume you already installed Rockbox before on your favorite audio player, and you’re just updating the firmware right now. If you’re the owner of an i Pod Classic/6g like me, and tend to forget how to restart it, here is the procedure: hold the “Menu” and “Select” buttons for about 5 seconds. That starter was a Glenfiddich 15, whose nomenclature reads like something I should be reviewing here. Too much Glenfiddich is nearly as bad as too many headphones. It’s got safety features, like fast-dimming volume fade at play/pause out the wazzoo; it supports almost every audiophile format out there*, compressed and not compressed; add to that themes, and restores functionality indispensable to real music lovers that the stock firmware can’t manage.

You can only remove groups of 3 or more adjacent rocks of the same color.

Gray rocks cannot be moved, unless removed by one of the special abilities described below.

A few years before then, I was reluctant to shell out $15 for music CDs only to get a couple of great songs.

And above all I wanted i Tunes go with me wherever I went.

You can get more info about em Core and Rockbox at these links.

One great side effect of installing Em Core / Rockbox, is it removes the silly 128Gb LBA28 limits of the Apple OS for 6g (80Gb,160Gb,120Gb) owners.

Rockbox Media Player Firmware Rockbox Firmware Update Sansa Clip Jam Rockbox Firmware Rockbox Firmware Firmware Update Media Player It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.

Introduction Thanks to some ongoing work by one of the Em Core developers (Thank you The Seven!! We have a development version which is working great on my i Flash boards – this includes CF, SD and m Sata cards. First part we replace the Apple OS with Em Core and once that is running we install Rockbox.

The truth is that it does not properly support gapless playback.

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