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buty thats what is was saying for my brother because he wanted to play runescape and then he finally got too soo there will be away somehow..

=p You need the latest version of Java for Rune Scape.

As appropriate, select Update Using Internet or Update from USB Storage Device You can also have your PS4 automatically update for you.

(This blog post is about a web-based version of BBC i Player launched in 2009.

Over the past year, we've also done a lot of tuning and enhancements to our i Player video encoding, including adding a new 1500Kbps "SD quality" format.

Put the two together and the result is an i Player on PS3 with brilliant video quality - almost as good as broadcast television!

It warns you up front and asks if you want to update ( If you don't you can't sign in to PSN) Only Sony can provide a flash player update from that point.

I phoned the PS3 Helpline earlier this morning and I was the first one to tell them about this problem apparently.. Youtube have upgraded their flash and PS£ systems dont support it. :(well ive downloaded flash player, but the problem is when you go on a site you need flash player for it still comes up with for this site you need flash player please download or something like you havent got the plug- ins or somethning along tthose lines can someone help me with getting msn messenger on ps3 please..

Your PS3 and computer must be online at the same time to do this. it keeps on giving you a new code instead, exit the You Tube app. Another workaround is to try using a different browser on your computer. This occurs as the TV attempts to reduce the noise by cropping out the edges of the screen.

For some reason, this is turned on by default and can be quite frustrating.

All you'll need to follow along is to configure Xbox Media Center, or XMBC, to use the computer you use to surf the Internet.

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