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You can also open the Forms Designer as you would for all older versions: using Outlook's Tools, Forms menu.

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The default forms icons are stored under the FORMS folder in your Office installation; by default it's C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office XX\FORMS\[lang-id].

One of the great features in Microsoft Outlook is the ability to design custom forms.

In such cases, you have ample opportunity to extend the functionality of Outlook 2013 through custom design and programming.

For example, you might need to add some fields to your message forms or your meeting request forms.

Any content already in the Outlook item will be carried over into the form.

If you prefer, you choose Design a Form and browse for the form type you want to design.You'll begin with a template that already contains most of the functionality you'll need. You can even use VBScript to automate specifics tasks.While creating and implementing a custom form is easy, it does require several steps and for that reason alone, can be a bit confusing.In fact, many organizations don’t need anything beyond what Outlook 2013 offers right out of the box.Others, however, have special needs that Outlook 2013 does not address, perhaps because of the way these organizations do business or because of specific requirements in their particular industries.In Outlook 2007 and older, you can open forms from the Tools | Forms menu, choosing Design a Form when in the main Outlook window.

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