Updating netboot image

The last, Net Restore, will copy the contents of an image to a Mac’s hard drive, making it easy to mass-deploy customized OS X images to multiple computers.

The actual setup and operation of the Net Boot service is basically identical to the way it was in Snow Leopard server (which looked a lot like Leopard’s implementation did, and so on).

If I remove unused kexts and build the image the kernalcache is under 32MB and EVERYTHING boots !!!!

SIU 10.9.2 675 and the Net Boot hosted on a server running Sever 3.0.3? I've tried modified and unmodified rc.netboot files.

I recall there has been a pattern that Server updates get released within a few days after a OS X 10.9 update are released. I've also tried diskless and not diskless, http and nfs. I think new models have removed this limit in there firmware.

Rather than redo the work on the netboot, I figured I would just use the 10.9.1 build that i used to create the NBI, run the combo update, and re-run it through SIU.

That completes as expected, however when I try to netboot a machine I just get a Circle with a line through it.

You should test netbooting the minis from your netboot set if you created the netboot set on anything else.

Typically you'll want to test multiple machine types with "any" new netboot set. I've been able to netboot the new Mac Book Air's from a 10.7.1 netboot image I captured on a 2010 Mac Book Pro 13".I can reboot off the (now 10.9.2) partition just fine though, so it seems like it's failing due to the SIU. ohh that could be, I was replacing the rc.netboot also..i do have the unmodified file, I will delete the modified one and restore the original and see if that helps.I'm also trying a different piece of hardwa... Just a point of reference, as of Feb 26, 2014, the latest versions are: OS X 10.9.2 (13C64) with Server 3.0.3 (13S3007) and System Image Utility 2 (10.9.2 675) Do those versions match what your using? After using 10.9.2 SIU and adding it to my Net Boot server, the image is unbootable.When you install the DSS package, it tries to find DSS netboot sets on the local disks in order to update the DSS binaries.So, you should only create new netboot sets for unsupported new hardware.hi all, brand new to this so please forgive if silly questions.

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