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), as well as fleet specific data such as ETOPS rings and airports.

In the third quarter of 2017 we will be introducing a web based tool that will allow you to edit and publish your 'tailored' information according to your operational needs. How can we happily use it on that intense environment when flying, doing approaches, or finding alternate airport.

The Basic Model (which can be used in all versions of Flite Star) contains less detailed performance data .

However in most cases it still provides highly accurate time and fuel burn results.

Flite Star is offered in three software versions to provide the flexibility of features you need suited to your flight planning needs: Customers in the Americas can purchase Flite Star service online, or by calling Jeppesen Sales Support using the phone numbers to the left.

Customers outside of the Americas can purchase by calling the appropriate Sales Support number to the left.

One of the biggest upgrades in Fore Flight version 9.1 (released earlier this month) is the availability of highly detailed performance profiles.

These pre-loaded aircraft data sets allow the app to calculate extremely accurate numbers for time en route and fuel burn, which is a critical feature for high performance and turbine airplanes. We tested it out on a long trip recently - here's what we found.

The Advanced Model (available in Flite Star Corporate only) allows for more complete cruise information, an unlimited number of cruise settings, and more than a simple linear climb and descent profile.

It can also accommodate override fuel flow settings.

This ability to augment Jeppesen charts with company information in nearly real time provides increased flexibility for same-day airline operations.

Another new highly-requested capability enables importing routes from multiple data sources, including flight planning systems and third party apps, to provide the right information to the pilot at the right time in support of flight preparation and execution.

Jeppesen Flite Deck Pro is an electronic flight bag (EFB) solution that includes the high quality terminal and enroute charting that Jeppesen is known for in an easy to access electronic workflow that facilitates crew resource management while minimizing the need for paper in the cockpit.

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