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My HH5 has always been great, good Wi Fi and only reboots once every 2 weeks when BT seem to force it to do so.

Information on this page should also apply to the Plusnet Hub One.

A community build exists of trunk version 34686 (ie a snapshot shortly before the Attitude Adjustment release). Note Type B with Open Wrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 build has USB problems so DONT flash unless you dont need a USB function, See

It's BT's slickest router to date, but even having been in homes for some time now, it can have its quirks.

But there are ways to supercharge your connection, and get the BT Home Hub doing your bidding without a hitch.

(one reason that it's running very slowly is that the cache is turned off for the serially loaded u-boot build) NAND bad block table (BBT) support has been introduced into LEDE r2363 - a different method (than described above) is required install LEDE.

Go to Home Hub 5 Type A install image web page and download the following files: , Lu CI may display ports in various orders (matching the labels/matching the swconfig numbering/not matching anything) and may or may not list the WAN port even though it's available via swconfig.

Here's our best BT Home Hub 5 tips and tricks, showing you how to improve your connection, kill off blackspots and get the most out of your router. The story behind that embarrassing bruise on your knuckles.

One of the most blood-pressure-raisingly-irritating modern-world problems. If you’ve ever had a full Wi-Fi signal, but simply haven’t been able to connect, there’s a reason behind it.

Note that operating in this mode is atypically slow.

The CPU clock (normally 500MHz) and buses (normally 250MHz) are running at 125MHz for some reason, but the installed system will run at full speed.

For my FTTC, in luci 'network/interfaces' I set 'dsl' to ' Annex B(all)' and left 'tone' where it was at ' A43C J43 A43 V43', selected PTM, and VDSL.

In ' WAN' I set PPPo E and username and password (I'm on plusnet, so it's @pwd). More hardware details on wikidev How to open up a HH5A PCB photos Serial connection boot_sel pins for booting via UART Microsoft Windows serial installation instructions LEDE snapshots for the HH5A LEDE 17.01.x stable is now available for the HH5A (NEW - Feb 2017) Guide for installing LEDE r2363 for the HH5A To update from any previously installed version of Open Wrt, or LEDE prior to r2363 (), to LEDE snapshot r2363 and later, it is strongly recommended to restore the stock BT Firmware, and then proceed to install the latest LEDE snapshot from scratch.

Type A is made by Thomson, and is broadcom based, using Thomson linux based firmware.

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