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You cannot schedule refresh for this dataset because it does not contain data model connections.

You cannot schedule refresh on worksheet connections or linked tables.

To schedule refresh the data must be loaded into the data model.

updating excel worksheet from access query-87

Often I have thought, if I could have write “Select Employee Name From Sheet Where Employee ID=123” and use this on my excel sheet, my life would be simpler. People spend a lot of time thinking whether to use Excel as their database or not.

Eventually they start using Access or SQL Server etc.

If you are not sure where your file is located, from within Quick Books, press your F2 button and refer to the “Location” field. (Create credentials in QB, by navigating to Reports / Custom Reporting / Manage ODBC Users.) Do Not Click “OK” yet. Now save and close the Excel file, and then enter a transaction in Quick Books so that your balances change and need to be refreshed. At this point, if I try to open my Excel file and click Refresh, I may see the error message, “[Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Specified database not found” (this doesn’t show in ALL situations).

This is the first of two key steps – On the Database tab, Once the query is designed, return the data to Microsoft Excel. This occurs because when ODBC is used via Microsoft Query (the underlying connection tool in Excel) the connection is encrypted.

However, the good news is that I have found a way to make this work reliably, every time. Begin your connection as usual, by going to Data / From Other Sources / From Microsoft Query. Browse to the location where your Quick Books company file resides, select the DSN file that matches the company file name, and click Open.

Let’s start with a simple example and a simple query. Your file may be stored on a server, or it may be stored locally. On the Login tab, enter the credentials you established for the Custom Reporting ODBC Connection.

Note that the balances shown in my Excel file match those that were shown in Quick Books. When the Quick Books file is closed and reopened, the encryption changes. Once the file is open, you should be able to refresh with no errors.

Now for the second of the two key steps – In Excel, go to the Data tab, and click Connections. So, when you attempt to refresh the Excel file, Excel cannot locate the database because the connection information is no longer valid. Notice that my bank account balances have correctly refreshed, and that they show the new balances.

In the previous step, I have selected all the fields from two Tables, therefore some fields such as Employee ID and Department are duplicated.

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