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The component attempted to make a cross-context call between invocations of Enter Transaction Scope and Exit Transaction Scope. Cross-context calls cannot be made while inside a transaction scope.

An attempt was made by this server to make a Kerberos-constrained delegation request for a target outside the server's realm.

The Java Message Service (JMS) API is a messaging standard that allows Java EE applications and components, including message-driven beans (MDBs), to create, send, receive, and read messages.

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Combining the fields of an HRESULT into a single, 32-bit numbering space, the following HRESULT values are defined, in addition to those derived from NTSTATUS values (section 2.3.1) and Win32 error codes (section 2.2).

This document provides the common usage details of the HRESULTs; individual protocol specifications provide expanded or modified definitions.

This combination, known as the JMS Service, is tightly integrated with Glass Fish Server, providing a rich set of subcommands and Administration Console pages to simplify JMS messaging administration tasks.

Glass Fish Server also supports the Generic Resource Adapter for JMS (Generic JMSRA), available as an Add-On in the Administration Console's Update Tool, for use as a resource adapter to connect to other JMS providers.

When you add the MX records, to your DNS records with your domain host, your host might require an @ symbol in this column or they might want the column left blank.

Check our host-specific MX instructions to see what to enter in this column.is a temporary holding location for messages that are waiting to enter the next stage of processing or delivery to a destination.Each queue represents a logical set of messages that the Exchange server processes in a specific order.Queues exist in the Transport service on Mailbox servers and on Edge Transport servers.Mailbox servers and Edge Transport servers are called is a temporary holding location for messages that are waiting to enter the next stage of processing or delivery to a destination.Sometimes, you can have trouble setting up business email addresses for G Suite users.

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