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The Mini 9 began shipping on September 16, 2008, starting at US9.

Dell initially shipped versions of the Mini 9 with only partially usable storage, after models were built using a software image that fit just the basic 4GB SSD.

updating dell bios ubuntu 9 10-1

Here’s how to use the Dell Repository Manager to create a bootable DVD: 1. Start it up and “Add” (near the top left) a repository. Choose “(Server) com” as the source repository, though you can certainly choose a local copy of the SUU repository directory if you have one.

Get the Dell Repository Manager (for servers, if you are given a choice). Whatever you pick needs to have the Linux updates in it. The next screens will help you narrow down what you want to maintain for relevant updates.

The steps required for dual booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu are as follows: I have written a guide (linked below) which shows you how to backup all of your partitions using a tool called Macrium Reflect.

There is a free version of the tool available and the most this tutorial will cost you is time and if you don't have one an external hard drive or a spindle of blank DVDs.

You will obviously need a USB drive for this purpose.

If you would prefer to, you can buy a USB drive with Ubuntu already installed on it.Dell has sold two models under the "Mini 10" branding, distinguished by model number.The Mini 10 (1010) is a netbook with a 10.1" screen that was designed to fill the gap between the Mini 9 and Mini 12.Standard operating system upgrades later fixed the issue. It is a 50mm solid state module (MO-300A) with mini PCIe interface.It uses IDE/PATA signal, so replacing it with a module with SATA signal won't work, although it will fit in the socket.On the next screen I said “No” to including additional components in the repository. Move forward and pick the destination of “Deployment Media (Linux only) Export to ISO/Script format for deployment.” 9. Boot your host off of it, and when you’re prompted choose the correct bundle for the system you’re updating.

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