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I even had opportunity to attend one of Realm’s Swift Language User Group meetups in October. I thought, if I decide to create such app for me I’ll kill two birds with one stone - I’ll write the app for me that look like I want to, and I’ll use Realm framework instead of Core Data. My first thoughts after I went through a documentation and started using Realm framework? I didn’t want to show you everything about Realm here, because the post would be as long as the documentation is, and I wanted to avoid this. You’ll have to read it too before start working on it. Below I’ll present some snippets from the app I created. The model are just files with classes that inherits from Any properties that have dynamic keyword will be parsed and will be part of a data model. In example the Day class has one-to-many relationship called drink Logs.

I need to loose some weight because I put on a bit there in California - so much good food :) I browsed the i Tunes Store looking for an app that tracks water intake, and found few that IMO were looking bad or UX was poor. Disclaimer: The following text covers just a bit of Realm framework. I recommend to go and read documentation for more details. Besides, I needed also functionalities like: creating, updating, filtering and sorting stored data - As I mentioned, simple app.

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This is where RESTKit, one of the most widely used i OS libraries, comes into play.

It allows for seamless integration of an i OS app with a remote RESTful API.

Core Data is an incredibly powerful framework with many useful features.

However, this power comes at the cost of complexity.

After initial configuration RESTKit fetches data taking care of the network stuff and parses the results into either your custom classes or straight into Core Data.

In this tutorial we will be focusing on the latter.Porting an app using Core Data to Realm is very simple indeed.If you have an app that already uses Core Data, and have been considering the move to Realm, this step-by-step guide is for you!Core Data is an object graph and persistence framework provided by Apple in the Mac OS X and i OS operating systems.It was introduced in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and i OS with i Phone SDK 3.0. For many use cases, we believe Rocket Data is a better option to Core Data because of the speed and stability guarantees as well as working with immutable instead of mutable models.

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