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I’m going to assume that the: [a] You are root user [b] You are using portsnap and portmaster to manage Free BSD ports . Make a copy of existing supfile, enter: WITHOUT_ATM=yes WITHOUT_CALENDAR=yes WITHOUT_GAMES=yes WITHOUT_I4B=yes WITHOUT_IPFILTER=yes WITHOUT_IPX=yes WITHOUT_LPR=yes WITHOUT_NETCAT=yes WITHOUT_NIS=yes WITHOUT_RCMDS=yes WITHOUT_SENDMAIL=yes WITHOUT_WPA_SUPPLICANT_EAPOL=yes WITHOUT_ZFS=yes WITHOUT_BLUETOOTH=yesinclude GENERIC ident www303 options SMP nodevice ugen nodevice uhid nodevice ulpt nodevice umass nodevice ums nodevice ural nodevice urio nodevice uscanner nodevice aue nodevice axe nodevice cdce nodevice cue nodevice kue nodevice rue options CONSPEED=19200 options QUOTA # pf firewall specific device pf device pflog device pfsync options ALTQ options ALTQ_CBQ # Class Bases Queuing (CBQ) options ALTQ_RED # Random Early Detection (RED) options ALTQ_RIO # RED In/Out options ALTQ_HFSC # Hierarchical Packet Scheduler (HFSC) options ALTQ_PRIQ # Priority Queuing (PRIQ) options ALTQ_NOPCC # Required for SMP build # Turn on device polling for em driver options DEVICE_POLLING options HZ=1000 You need to boot into a single user mode using KVM to finish entire upgrade procedure. However, you can load and other modules to get kvm support under single user mode. Connect to your remote Free BSD box using KVM client and issue reboot command.

At Free BSD boot menu press [Spacebar] key to pause default booting. Type the following commands to load KVM support and boot into a single user mode: The mergemaster utility is designed to aid you in updating the various configuration and other files associated with Free BSD.

csup is a software package for updating collections of files across a network.

It is a general-purpose network file updating package.

So the spanking new freebsd-update doesn’t work for sparc systems…

To obtain a certain version of Free BSD the supfile should be editted and the tag=RELENG_5 to the desired version of Free BSD.

Each remaining line describes a set of files that the user wishes to receive.

The line begins with the name of a “collection”, a logical grouping of files defined by the server.

The supfile has a format similar to the corresponding file used by sup.

In 2008 - over four years ago - , the base source tree for Free switched from cvs to subversion. As a general rule you should not be using cvsup/cvs to update it.

The Free BSD sources are maintained in a CVS repository on a central development machine in California.

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