Skype adults cam - Updating bios shuttle

Before BIOS update take place, download BIOS utility program from ave and bin file into a bootable floppy disk or into hard drive.Start the system with the same bootable floppy disk you saved the above files in, or boot your system with a bootable CD into PURE DOS mode.Auf der Shuttle-Homepage finde ich solche Software leider nicht - nur die einfache ".bin" Datei...

updating bios shuttle-82

The system should be rebooted, enter the BIOS again to change the first boot device back to your hard drive.

Check all the settings in the new BIOS, ie date and time, etc.

The following FAQ will guide you to integrate the correct driver to your Windows 7 installation.

First you need the following files: Start the Shuttle USB-Patcher with right-click "as Administrator" and press Next Close all instances of the Windows explorer and click Next Click the update button, choose the USB which you have created before and press Next The last step is starting the process by clicking the Start Button.

Platforms with Intel Braswell-So C or Series-100 chipsets are missing the EHCI-mode (USB 2.0).

These systems are working in modern XHCI-mode (USB 3.0), only.

Was ist übrigens der Grund für das BIOS Update, wenn Du keine Probleme hast, dann würde ich auch kein BIOS Update machen.

Es ist immer die Gefahr, dass etwas schief geht, und dann ist das Mainboard nicht mehr nutzbar.

Unzip the ZIP file downloaded onto a FAT32 formatted, empty USB 2.0 stick (sticks with USB 3.0 interface are not suitable for this process). Remove the LAN cable and the hard disk(s) from your NAS. Remove the USB stick and reinsert the hard disks into the unit in the correct order. The update is completed by starting the NAS by pressing the power button.

To reinsert correctly, note the order of hard disk 1 and 2. Insert the USB stick into the front USB port on the NAS and start the unit. The LEDs on the NAS will illuminate red and flash during the process, which takes a few minutes. The Shuttle Slim-PC Barebones XS35V4 and XS36V4 support Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 operating systems.

Das Tool AWDFlash benötigt eine DOS Boot Disk / USB Stick.

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