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in this tutorial, you will learn how to call My SQL stored procedures using PHP PDO.We will show you how to call stored procedures that return a result set and stored procedures that accept input/output parameters.And this is for ANY application, name it PHP, Coldfusion, whatever2.

updating a sql recordset using php-75

The SQL query returns a result in the form of a series of records. A recordset can be described as a kind of table in the server's memory, containing rows of data (records), and each record is subdivided into individual fields (or columns).

The following demonstrates how to open a query as the recordsource and loop through it and print the data to the immediate window. In this case, a table with salespeople and their sales figures will be used.

The following code uses the DAO database and Recordset objects to open the table, evaluate the Sales YTD field using a Select Case statement and then updating the Rating field with the value set in the variable str Rating.

The Rating field will be updated for each sales person based on their Sales YTD value.

Close Set Lrs = Nothing Get GST = LGST End Function You should now be able to reference this new function in a query, form, report, etc.

The query below depicts how you could reference the function called Get GST in a query.

When the Microsoft Visual Basic window appears, you can create a new function to retrieve the value from the table.

In our example, we're going to create a function called Get GST that retrieves the GST field from a table called GST.

Again, the language Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to communicate with the database.

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