Updating 5310

Every Smartphone user is looking for Lollipop update these days.

Although most of the high end devices already have the Android 5.0 update but majority of the other devices are still waiting for their turn.

Sometimes, that can make a difference as to what is installed in the unit, although a common variation is going to be the wireless adapter, due to differeneces in the laws for wireless communications in different countries.

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STROK NY CTV_VIET Content updated 0565886 5310 EURO-C CTV CH RED Content updated 0565990 5310 MEA-13 VODACOM ZA BLUE Content updated 0566020 5310 EURO-C CTV TR ALLB Content updated 0566022 5310 EURO-C CTV TR CANDY Content updated 0566113 5310 EURO-A TDC DK ALLB 0566173 5310 EURO-C MOVISTAR ES2 BLUE Content updated 0566203 5310 EURO-C SFR FR2 RED Content updated 0566226 APAC U ALL BLACK THAI OPV_UD Content updated 0566314 5310 EURO-A TDC DK CANDY 0566315 5310 EURO-C SWISSCOM CH CANDY Content updated 0566370 5310 EURO-C SWISSCOM CH ALLB Content updated 0566383 5310 EURO-C TIM IT CANDY Content updated 0566416 5310 EURO-C SWISSCOM CH KYLIE RED Content updated 0566454 5310 RM-303 5310 BRAZIL L NDB PINK Content updated 0566538 5310 EURO-C VODA LIVE PT CANDY Content updated 0566564 5310 EURO-A NETCOM NO ALLB 0566565 5310 EURO-A TELENOR NO ALLB 0566724 5310 EURO-C CTV DE ALLB Content updated 0566793 5310 EURO-D T-MOBILE HU CANDY Content updated 0566840 5310 MEA-3 CTV MUSIC2 MEA3 BLUE Content updated 0566844 5310 MEA-3 CTV MUSIC2 MEA3 RED Content updated 0566845 5310 MEA-1 CTV MUSIC2 MEA1 BLUE Content updated 0566846 5310 MEA-1 CTV MUSIC2 MEA1 RED Content updated 0566852 5310 MEA-2 CTV MUSIC2 MEA2 BLUE Content updated 0566855 5310 MEA-2 CTV MUSIC2 MEA2 RED Content updated 0566859 5310 MEA-14 CTV MUSIC2 AE BLUE Content updated 0566942 5310 EURO-C CPW UK KYLIE CANDY Content updated 0567059 5310 EURO-H COSMOTE GR RED 0567060 5310 EURO-H COSMOTE GR BLUE 0567138 5310 EURO-A TELIA SE CANDY 0567170 5310 EURO-A SONOFON DK ALLB 0567270 5310 EURO-C SUNRISE CH ALLB Content updated 0567301 5310 EURO-C VODA LIVE PT ALLB Content updated 0567323 5310 EURO-D VODA LIVE HR ALLB 0567341 5310 EURO-A TPH SE ALLB Content updated 0567345 EURO-A, Latin, White Silver 0567399 EURO-B, Latin, White Silver 0567400 EURO-C, Latin, White Silver 0567401 EURO-C UK, Latin, White Silver 0567403 EURO-C FR, Latin, White Silver 0567404 EURO-C ALS, Latin, White Silver 0567405 EURO-D, Latin, White Silver 0567407 EURO-D, Latin, White Silver NY 0567408 EURO-E, Latin, White Silver 0567409 EURO-F, Hebrew, White Silver 0567410 EURO-H, Greek, White Silver 0567412 EURO-I CIS, Latin, White Silver 0567414 EURO-I, Cyrillic, White Silver 0567415 EURO-I RU, Cyrillic, White Silver 0567416 EURO-I BRMD, Cyrillic, White Silver NY 0567417 EURO-C TR, Latin, White Silver 0567418 EURO-I UKR, Cyrillic, White Silver 0567419 EURO-O, Latin, White Silver 0567456 MEA-1, Arabic, White Silver 0567457 MEA-2, Arabic, White Silver 0567458 MEA-3, Latin, White Silver 0567459 MEA-4, Urdu, White Silver 0567460 MEA-5, Farsi, White Silver 0567461 MEA-6, Latin, White Silver 0567464 MEA-7, Latin, White Silver 0567465 MEA-8, Latin, White Silver 0567466 MEA-9, Latin, White Silver 0567467 MEA-10, Latin, White Silver 0567468 MEA-11, Latin, White Silver 0567469 MEA-12, Latin, White Silver 0567470 MEA-13, Latin, White Silver 0567471 MEA-14, Arabic, White Silver 0567472 APAC-S, Stroke, White Silver 0567473 APAC-S MALAYSIA, Stroke, White Silver 0567476 APAC-T AU, Latin, White Silver 0567576 CHINA-R ALL BLACK STROKE CTV_CN_v2 Content updated 0567597 5310 EURO-C CTV AT RED Content updated 0567770 5310 RM-303 5310 BRAZIL L TELEMIG RED Content updated 0567782 5310 MEA-14 CTV MUSIC2 AE RED Content updated 0567831 APAC-T PHILIPPINES, Latin, White Silver 0567832 APAC-U, Thai, White Silver 0567833 APAC-V, Stroke, White Silver 0567836 APAC-W, Latin, White Silver 0567840 APAC-W_NY, Latin, White Silver 0567842 APAC-X, Stroke, White Silver 0567845 APAC-P, Bo Po Mo Fo, White Silver 0567847 APAC-Q, Stroke, White Silver 0567848 APAC-R, Stroke, White Silver 0567912 5310 EURO-I CTV UA CANDY Content updated 0567940 5310 EURO-C METEOR IE CANDY Content updated 0567942 5310 EURO-I CTV UA BLUE Content updated 0567964 5310 EURO-I CTV UA RED Content updated 0567969 5310 EURO-I CTV UA ALLB Content updated 0568235 5310 EURO-D T-MOBILE HR CANDY 0568236 5310 EURO-D T-MOBILE HR ALLB 0568415 5310 EURO-C TELERING AT ALLB Content updated 0568459 CHINA-P ALL BLACK BOPO 512MB CTV_TW Content updated 0568515 5310 EURO-C CPW UK KYLIE RED Content updated 0568554 5310 EURO-C VODA LIVE AT BLUE Content updated 0568871 5310 EURO-C CTV AT BLUE Content updated 0568967 5310 EURO-C CTV CH BLUE Content updated 0569107 5310 BRAZIL-L TIM BRAZIL-CB RED Content updated 0569234 5310 EURO-C O2 IE ALLB Content updated 0569239 5310 EURO-C O2 IE CANDY Content updated 0569241 EURO-C WHITEMICA PINK LATIN 0569242 EURO-C UK WHITE PINK LATIN 0569244 EURO-C, Latin, White Purple 0569245 EURO-C UK, Latin, White Purple 0569246 EURO-C, Latin, White Green 0569247 EURO-C UK, Latin, White Green 0569248 EURO-C, Latin, White Aqua Blue 0569249 EURO-C UK, Latin, White Aqua Blue 0569250 EURO-C, Latin, White Orange 0569251 EURO-C UK, Latin, White Orange 0569288 EURO-C SAKURA RED LATIN Content updated 0569290 5310 EURO-C CTV BE BLUE Content updated 0569291 5310 EURO-C CTV BE ALLB Content updated 0569501 5310 EURO-A SONOFON DK CANDY 0569850 5310 EURO-I CTV RU BATMAN ALLB Content updated 0569972 5310 RM-303 5310 AMER L VIVO BRAZIL RED Content updated 0570086 5310 EURO-H COSMOTE GR ALLB 0570195 APAC T ALL BLACK LATIN CTV_PH Content updated 0570222 5310 EURO-B CTV RO RED Content updated 0570223 5310 EURO-B CTV RO BLUE Content updated 0570647 5310 EURO-C VIRGIN FR CANDY Content updated 0570838 EURO-C, ALS, Latin, White Orange 0570839 EURO-C FR WHITE PINK LATIN 0571220 5310 EURO-D VODA HU AKOS ALLB Content updated 0571278 5310 EURO-C ONE AT WH ORANGE Content updated 0571905 5310 EURO-I CTV UA WHITE Content updated 0571995 5310 EURO-C ONE AT2 RED Content updated 0572001 APAC-Q, Stroke, White Orange 0572002 APAC-P, Bo Po Mo Fo, White Orange 0572004 APAC-R, Stroke, White Orange 0572054 5310 RM-303 5310 BRAZIL L NDB BRAZIL PINK Content updated 0572102 5310 EURO-C VODA LIVE PT WHITE Content updated 0572103 5310 MEA-4 CTV MUSIC3 AE CANDY Content updated 0572104 5310 MEA-4 CTV MUSIC3 AE BLACK Content updated 0572190 5310 MEA-5 CTV MUSIC3 AE EU CANDY Content updated 0572192 5310 MEA-5 CTV MUSIC3 AE BLUE Content updated 0572193 5310 MEA-5 CTV MUSIC3 AE WHITE Content updated 0572201 5310 MEA-5 CTV MUSIC3 AE BLACK Content updated 0572202 5310 MEA-5 CTV MUSIC3 AE RED Content updated 0572203 5310 MEA-5 CTV MUSIC3 AE CANDY Content updated 0572413 5310 EURO-C MOVISTAR ES2 WHITE Content updated 0572414 5310 EURO-C MOVISTAR ES2 WH PURP Content updated 0572440 CHINA-R WHITE ORANG STROKE CTV_CN Content updated 0572453 CHINA-P WHITE ORANGE BOPO CTV_TW Content updated 0572641 5310 EURO-A TPH SE WHITE Content updated 0572767 5310 EURO-C CTV AT WH ORANGE Content updated 0572843 5310 EURO-C CPW UK WHITE Content updated 0572848 5310 EURO-C CPW UK WH BLUE Content updated 0572859 5310 EURO-C CPW UK WH ORANGE Content updated 0572866 5310 EURO-C CPW UK WH PINK Content updated 0573013 5310 EURO-C O2 POST DE ALLB 0573032 5310 EURO-C CPW UK RED Content updated 0573034 5310 EURO-C CPW UK CANDY Content updated 0573035 5310 EURO-C CPW UK WH PURP Content updated 0573037 5310 EURO-C CPW UK ALLB Content updated 0573135 CHINA-Q WHIT ORANGE STROKE CTV_HK Content updated 0573461 5310 EURO-B ERA PL ALLB 0573474 5310 EURO-A NETCOM NO WHITE 0573560 5310 RM303-5310 BRAZIL L NDB COCACOLA RED Content updated 0573620 5310 EURO-A TDC DK WHITE 0573623 5310 EURO-A SONOFON DK WHITE 0573723 5310 EURO-A TELIA SE2 WHITE 0573770 5310 EURO-C VODA LIVE IE WHITE Content updated 0573773 5310 EURO-A TELIA SE2 ALLB 0574684 5310 MEA-14 CTV MEA MSTORE BLUE Content updated 0574720 SWAP EURO-H, Greek, All Black 0574725 SWAP MEA-13, Latin, All Black 0574851 5310 AMER-L CLARO CA RED Content updated 0575288 CHINA-R CANDY GOTHIC STROK CTV_CN Content updated 0575289 CHINA-R A.

BLACK STROKE CTV_CN 2G Content updated 0575291 CHINA-R WH.

When enabled, NVIDIA Quadro K1100M screen is not responding, and the device emits 2 short and 1 long signal. Can tell me how to fix it or a suitable alternative graphics card performance, as all the other modules have improved.

Intel Core i5-760 2.8GHz, Samsung 840 EVO SSD, 6 gb ddr3. It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel.

Samsung GT-S5310 drivers are tiny programs that enable your Mobile Phone hardware to communicate with your operating system software.

Maintaining updated Samsung GT-S5310 software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance.

BLUE STROK NY CTV_VIET Content updated 0565758 APAC-V S.

RED STROK NY CTV_VIET Content updated 0565770 APAC-V ALL BLAC STROK NY CTV_VIET Content updated 0565771 5310 EURO-D TELECOM BA RED 0565795 5310 EURO-C PROXIMUS BE806 APAC-V CANDY G.

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Recommendation: If you are inexperienced with updating Samsung device drivers manually, we highly recommend downloading the Samsung GT-S5310 Driver Utility.

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