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I have to admit I was excited, but I tried not to show it.Somewhere in the distance I could hear music and the sound of someone singing.

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We’re all part of this.” Culture delivered to your inbox After closing the doors of its midtown museum last January, the ICP on June 23 opened its new space three miles south, at 250 Bowery.

The change in location allows for a fresh take on a four-decade-old mission: to better understand the way images affect our lives.

Warped mirrors wrap around you, reflecting a few scattered lights, which bounce off the smooth gray floor.

Small alcoves on either side feature a total of four screens, each playing video works.

Inside, large arc lights and dolly tracks were being moved from one side of the stage to another.

Walking through the commotion, we arrived at a dressing room in the back.As the 50th anniversary of her death approaches, Lawrence Schiller, in an adaptation from his memoir of those sessions, recalls Monroe’s mix of vulnerability and cold calculation as she guided his camera toward the ultimate revelation—breathtaking nude shots, some unseen till now—and their tense encounter the day before she died.When I pulled into the Twentieth Century Fox Studios parking lot in Los Angeles in my station wagon in April 1960, I kept telling myself that this was just another assignment, just another pretty girl that I was going to photograph. In 1956, when I was a college photographer, I had seen her angelic face on the cover of The studio publicist walked me to one of the many soundstages; this wasn’t the first time I’d seen large trucks containing recording equipment parked outside and a red light flashing in front of the entrance, indicating that filming was in progress. Then the publicist led the way through the heavy soundproof doors.These spaces are private, but if the new museum’s inaugural exhibit, “Public, Private, Secret,” teaches you anything, it’s that nothing is as private as you think it is.“When you go out into the outside world, look how many cameras there are,” says ICP Executive Director Mark Lubell.“There are security cameras but also people taking pictures everywhere….Hell the article is trying to make the point that the election is warped because of all the media and then subby goes and posts a headline like this..further showcasing the distorted views of the electorate.

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