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For longtime #XMen readers, Iceman being gay was always clear.

Decades of not-so-subtle hints led up to the character's official coming out in 2015's All-New X-Men #40, where Jean Grey outted Bobby.

He revealed that he is also gay but decided to conceal it, afraid that he would be persecuted for being both gay and a mutant.

Bobby's story is confusing to some, but it shouldn't be.

So many of today's fame whores from Miley Cyrus to Kanye West are nothing but posers with overinflated opinions of themselves; Darin was the real deal.

He wrote catchy songs that spanned several genres and composed instrumental music, had mastered several instruments by the time he was a teen, was intelligent, involved in social and political causes and even scored an Oscar nomination.

Bobby Flay and Stephanie March settled what became one of the nastiest celebrity divorces in years, TMZ has confirmed, and Stephanie did WAY better than what she would have gotten under the prenup.

TMZ broke the story, Stephanie signed a prenup at the beginning of the 10 year marriage that gave her paltry sum in the event of divorce -- k a month in spousal support for just 5 years.

Notice that I chose the word entertainer to describe him in lieu of singer or musician.

That's because Bobby Darin, as his diehard fans already know, possessed talent that was way more multi-faceted than just being a crooner.

He didn't live to see the Academy award him the best supporting actor Oscar for his role of the Joker.

Singer Aaliyah was just hitting her stride when her life ended in an August 2001 plane crash in the Bahamas.

Bobby Moore is probably one of West Ham and England’s most famous football players.

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