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But, the authority of Christ needs to take precedence over your physical drives. If the social, emotional, spiritual dimensions are missing or lacking, you are out of balance.

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They're the ones who might go on a date or two every few weeks, but believe the right person will walk into their lives when they aren't looking.

They're comfortable with whom they've become and don't feel the need to search for someone they can happily date. The “serial daters” are the most dangerous out of the three dating types who inhabit our world of romance.

The real him as in, he stopped working out *which I like for health reasons—not because I’m super shallow and want my significant other to have a hot bod*.

[Read: So full of shit – How to handle a guy who’s full of it] Too good to be true?

It’s really great meeting someone new and immediately thinking, “They could be the one! How can someone be every single thing you desire in a person? He loved fitness, healthy living, knew how to have fun, wanted to move to a warmer climate, and even liked all the same strange foods that I enjoyed. To make a long story short, he was basically the opposite of anything I wanted, but told me all of that because he wanted me to like him.

While it may not always be this way, most of the time, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. He seemed to contradict every life goal he had previously told me about.

At least that’s the logic powering the new dating app, Hater.

Founded by Brendan Alper, Hater adds a splash of cynicism to dating.

Physical touch/intimacy should correspond with commitment. This doesn’t mean anything goes if you are engaged. What is your motivation -- power and control, gratifying your own ego, meeting a selfish need, or genuine affection?

If you feel convicted of certain behaviors, stop doing them.

They're the tricky ones who will sweep you off your feet with witty charm and romantic execution and then leave you bewildered when you run into them the next day at a bar with their arms wrapped around another person.

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