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) An Android Trojan which displays unwanted ads and installs nuisance software on mobile devices has been discovered in the firmware of smartphones and in popular Android applications, according to researchers.

If a device has the Gmobi module installed, it may display ads in the device's status bar, dialogs and on top of both running applications and the GUI of the operating system -- as well as open up nuisance advertising pages in browsers or through an infected Google Play application.

When these display, users click on ads and software is downloaded (unwittingly) by the user, profit is generated.

The team says that while SDKs are used by developers to expand the functionality of Android apps, the Trojan module is able to "remotely update the operating system, collect information, display notifications (including advertising ones), and make mobile payments." On the surface, this sounds simply like the functionality of many legitimate apps we download every day.

However, Gmobi also performs typical functions linked to adware -- such as displaying unwanted and potentially malicious ads and software without user consent -- and is able to entrench itself in device firmware. Web team detected the SDKs installed on at least 40 low-end smartphones as malicious, as well as a number of apps hosted on the Google Play store, and labeled these functions as malicious. Web, the Trojan's main purpose is to collect sensitive information from user devices and send them to the command and control (C&C) server controlled by an operator.

The numbers in square brackets are internal issue numbers.

Issues are grouped by product area and listed in descending order by issue number.

Versions 10 and later of the Mobility server work only with version 7.0 and later of the Mobility warehouse.

See Upgrading the Mobility Warehouse in the Mobility server help or System Administrator Guide (sysadmin.pdf) for details.

Version 9.5x is the last Mobility release that supports that platform.

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