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One of Andronikos' first acts was to negotiate a treaty with Sultan Melik, which stipulated peaceful relations between the two rulers.However, Melik's vassal Etoumes, rais of Sinope, broke that treaty when he plundered a ship bearing archon Alexios Paktiares and the taxes of Trebizond's province of Cherson; in response Emperor Andronikos ordered a retaliatory raid on Sinope.Trebizond Gospel, ℓ 243 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), is a Byzantine illuminated manuscript with the text of Gospel Lectionary, dating palaeographically to the 11th century with 15 parchment leaves (33 by 36.5 cm) from the 10th century or earlier.

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In Florence, for example, Lorenzo de' Medici, 1478/1521Painted terra-cotta, 65.8 x 59.1 x 32.7 cm (25 7/8 x 23 1/4 x 12 7/8 in.)National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, Samuel H.

However, more recent scholarship that considers the context of Seljuk Turkish history suggests that this battle should be seen as one episode in a struggle between Trebizond and Iconium over control of Sinope, the northern coast of Anatolia, and access to the Black Sea and its hinterlands that lasted for most of the 13th century.

A possible fifth one is the Syrian chronicler Ibn Natif, who refers to a conflict dated around 1230 between Sultan Kaykubad and "Laskari" where Kaykubad won the first battle but lost the second; R. Shukurov has tried to identify those conflicts with this one, but Peacock is probably right in identifying them as a confused report of the 1214 Siege of Sinope.

His empire lasted until 1461, remarkable given that it was obliged in relatively quick succession after its establishment to become the vassal firstly of the Latin empire at Constantinople, then of the Seljuk Sultan, and in 1282 of the restored empire of Byzantium ruled by Emperor Mikhael VIII Palaiologos.

Its continued reliance on the friendship of its powerful Muslim neighbours is demonstrated by the number of marriage alliances between the imperial family in Trebizond and the rulers of various Turkmen and Mongol groupings.

The Siege of Trebizond in 1222–1223 was an unsuccessful siege of Trebizond, the capital of the namesake empire, by the Seljuq Turks under a certain Melik.

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