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At first painting in a super-realist style in art school during the aftermath of American , Sherman turned to photography toward the end of the 1970s in order to explore a wide range of common female social roles, or personas.

Sherman sought to call into question the seductive and often oppressive influence of mass-media over our individual and collective identities.

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I just use myself as a model because I know I can push myself to extremes, make each shot as ugly or goofy or silly as possible." "I am always surprised at all the things people read into my photos, but it also amuse me.

That may be because I have nothing specific in mind when I’m working. I try to put double or multiple meanings into my photos, which might give rise to a greater variety of interpretations." ," a loose circle of American artists who came to artistic maturity and critical recognition during the early 1980s, a period notable for the rapid and widespread proliferation of mass media imagery.

Finding my own shadow (the not so pleasant or not easy to address attributes) about myself‚” he said.

He said that the experience was necessary in order for him to better understand how to help others.“Most importantly opening up these channels in yourself not only shows you how much sh*t you have going on‚ but the beauty is you get to see and have the power to remove all the obstacles standing in your way.

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