Too busy dating dating means dinner

"We are drama partners, colleagues, but no, we're not dating," he reiterated. I'm envious of other co-stars who have the time to try Taiwanese food! Ruco also stressed that work is the most important thing for him right now.

Even though both stars have been spending a lot of time together in Taiwan to film the aforementioned Jazz Boon drama, Ruco said that they have been too busy with work to even spend time doing anything else. (Photo Source: Ruco Chan Instagram)" data-reactid="18" 5 Jan - Fans may wish that the Nan Co love tandem will one day become a real romance, but according to Ruco Chan, he and Nancy Wu are no more than just good friends and great onscreen partners.

Before you count them out, here are some things you might want to take into consideration.

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I'm not a needy person and I don't want to see him everyday, but at least 2 times a week would be good. We also live 30 minutes apart so that makes it tougher as well, but in 2 weeks I'm moving and we'll live only a few miles apart. Not only will it occupy your mind but it will make you more interesting to him and maybe he'll suddenly start finding more time to see you.

If you want him to stay interested--stay interesting. If they want it, they'll make time for it."Too busy to have a girlfriend." Sounds like he has an actual life and doesn't need someone to fill up his time. Just be honest and tell him what your expectations are. You seem to want more companionship than he's currently providing.

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This rather whimsical sign, only intended to humorously display the operation hours, appears to divulge life's little secret about happiness and success: Manage your time well and you'll be happy.

As a trainer, I can easily relate this topic to exercise as a means of showing that too busy is a poor excuse to not workout.This is probably due to you wanting to keep your A desire to remain independent may indicate an unconscious fear of entering into a partnership because of its potential for raising insecurities and painful emotions that you have buried in the past.It is your unconscious fear of raising these old feelings that keeps you busy and away from the intimacy that characterises a successful relationship.As it turns out, being too busy isn't just a poor excuse to not workout, but rather a poor excuse in all facets of life.Previously, I used to think the idea of being busy was cool.Can you honestly say that you want a relationship 100%? It also explains how to attract a loving partner into your life.

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